DATE: _______________________________________________________________________
NAME OF PROJECT: ___________________________________________________________
LOCATION: __________________________________________________________________
PROJECT NUMBER: ___________________________________________________________
DESIGN FIRM: ________________________________________________________________
__ Complied with _X_ Not complied with
Inc. Incomplete N.A. Not Applicable
INSTRUCTIONS: To be completed by the applicant using the above legend. It is to be signed by a
registered professional engineer with a Maryland Registration number and is to be dated and furnished
with the initial document submittal.
_____ 1. Plan size 24”x36” with ½” border on all sides. When more than one sheet is
required an index sheet of the same size shall be submitted showing the entire subdivision
drawn to scale.
_____ 2. Scale of Plan: 1” = 100’ or 1” = 50’, or as approved by the Department of
Planning and Public Works prior to submittal. Larger engineering scales are allowed to
present a well detailed plan for the higher density land uses.
_____ 3. Provide a vicinity map indicating and identifying the total boundary of the
property, exact site location, vicinity roads, scale and north arrow.
_____ 4. The owner’s name(s) and deed references for all adjoining unsubdivided property.
In the event that a recorded subdivision adjoins the land to be developed, the subdivision
name, lot number, block number, and recording number shall be indicated with dashed
lines. Indicate zoning of adjoining properties.
_____ 5. Title Block: locate in lower right-hand corner of the plan and include the following:
a. Proposed subdivision name which shall not be a duplicate of any other subdivision or
development name in Carroll County;
b. Section, Area and Phase Number;
c. Scale of plan;
d. Location by election district, County and State;
e. Tax map, grid and parcel number;
f. County file number;
g. Date.
_____ 6. Name, address and telephone number of the owner, developer (corporation and seal if
corporate developer), and registered engineer or other professional person licensed in the
State of Maryland responsible for the preparation of the Plan, signature and seal of
engineer, or other professional person qualified by law and licensed in the State of
Maryland to sign and seal the Preliminary Plan.
_____ 7. North arrow.
_____ 8. General Notes to include:
a. Existing zoning designation;
b. Area of property tract;
c. Area of proposed lots or parcel;
d. Area of proposed roads and open space dedication;
e. Number of lots or parcels proposed (indicate number by land use; i.e. buildable, open
space preservation, other);
f. Open Space required and provided.
_____ 9. Boundary of proposed subdivision clearly indicated by a heavy line with bearings and
_____ 10. All existing pertinent features both on-site and those within 200 feet of the project
property line that may influence the design of the subdivision. Include natural and man-
made features: floodplains; non-tidal wetlands; 25 foot buffer for wetlands; water
courses; applicable stream buffers; soil characteristics; forests or important trees; utility
rights-of-way, including maintenance easements; individual well and septic systems and
shared sewage disposal systems; road rights-of-ways; quarries, sprints, ponds, sinkholes,
rubble landfills and rock out-crops, etc.; existing buildings and structures; and any burial
grounds or cemetery sites.
_____ 11. The layout of all proposed public streets, private access places, use-in-common driveway
easements, alleys, sidewalks and path systems, and general location of street trees. All
proposed street names, rights-of-way, widths, and pavement widths will be indicated.
Sidewalks will be provided and indicated where applicable.
_____ 12. Location, widths, and names of all existing or proposed streets adjoining the subdivision.
Existing easements and streets which have been approved or recorded but remain
unimproved shall be indicated with dashed lines.
_____ 13. Existing topography at two (2) foot contour intervals shall be shown. Contour lines shall
be indicated two hundred (200) feet beyond subdivision boundary. Identify by shading or
cross hatching, slopes exceeding 25%.
_____ 14. The layout of all proposed and existing lots or parcels with appropriate dimensions and
minimum area in square feet (acres if lot size is greater than 60,000 square feet), section
number and area number, and required front side, and rear setbacks except in the New
Town Zoning District. If the project is a resubdivision, the existing lot lines, lot numbers
and road rights-of-way lines must be shown in phantom.
_____ 15. For lots with pipestems, provide a minimum lot size tabulation as follows:
Lot. No.
Gross Area
Pipestem Area
Minimum Lot Size
_____ 16. Identify the zoning district classification governing the subject property and all the
adjoining properties.
_____ 17. All subdivisions shall be tied to the Maryland State Plane Coordinate System (minimum
3 coordinate points) if control points and information are within one mile of proposed
subdivision. Coordinate values for all boundary points shall be presented in tabular form.
_____ 18. Lot numbers in numerical order throughout the entire subdivision for single family lots
including open space lots. The proposed numbering system should follow the proposed
phasing of development to ensure lot consecutive order. Apartment, condominium,
commercial, industrial and bulk parcels will be designed by letters in alphabetical order.
_____ 19. The approximate location, dimensions, and area of all property proposed to be reserved
or temporarily reserved for public use, or reserved for the use of all property owners in
the subdivision. Indicate the location, dimensions, and purposes of any proposed
_____ 20. Location of existing and proposed utilities and easements with recording references on or
adjoining the tract with approximate pipe sizes and directions of slopes indicated. (Shall
include electric and telephone poles or towers, street lights, and fire hydrants. If no
hydrants, indicate provisions for the protection).
_____ 21. Proposed drainage and stormwater management systems including the type of facilities,
drainage easements, proposed changes in topography, the 100 year floodplain and any
deviations from standards.
_____ 22. Preliminary grading showing limits of disturbance.
_____ 23. For subdivisions with multiple sections, provide and index map showing location and
relationship of each section to the project entirety.
_____ 24. Density Tabulation: provide data on density when clustering or multi-family
developments are proposed.
_____ 25. Open Space Calculations: provide date and calculations when open space is required by
zoning classification. Indicate the amount and type of recreation open space provided in
area and as a percentage of the required open space in accordance with Section
16.121(a)(4) of the Subdivision and Land Development Regulations.
_____ 26. For apartment, multi-family, commercial, or industrial subdivisions, the following
information will be indicated in addition to the above:
a. Approximate location of each building, including setbacks from all streets (public or
private) and environmental features (if applicable), common parking areas, property
lines and distances between buildings.
b. Number of units in apartment buildings and square feet area for commercial or
industrial buildings.
c. Number of parking spaces in each off-street parking area, and total thereof.
Calculation for parking requirements.
d. Interior road or street access, whether public or private, and total area of each.
_____ 27. Additional information which may be required by the Planning Commission to evaluate
the plan.
_____ 28. Preliminary drainage area map and preliminary storm drainage study for the entire area
covered by the Preliminary subdivision plan. The storm drainage study shall include an
evaluation of drainage structures and/or drainage systems, both upstream and
downstream, affected by the drainage from the area covered by the Preliminary Plan as
required by the Design manual and by Section 16.133 of the Subdivision Regulations.
Justification shall be provided for rejecting preferred stormwater management systems.
_____ 29. Preliminary grading showing limits of disturbance, grading for subdivision improvements
and mass grading, if proposed.
_____ 30. Soils map at the scale of the Preliminary Plan with the parcel boundary, roads and lots
plotted and the soil symbols indicated within the soil boundaries as found in the Soil
Survey of Carroll County, Maryland. Provide a tabular listing of soil types. Highlight
hydric soils.
1) This checklist is to be returned on subsequent submittals along with a detailed point-by-
point response to all comments. Failure to do so will only results in delay of subsequent review
or return of plans unreviewed.
2) This checklist is an addendum to City of Westminster “Development Design Criteria”
dated April, 1990.
I/We hereby certify that all proposed work shown on these construction drawing(s) has
been reviewed by me/us and that I/We fully understand what is necessary to accomplish this work
and that the work will be conducted in strict accordance with these plans. I/We also understand
that any changes to these plans will require an amended plan to be reviewed and approved by the
City of Westminster Planning and Zoning Commission before any change in the work is made.
I hereby certify that these construction drawings and associated computations were
prepared by me or under my supervision and comply with all applicable standards and
regulations of The City of Westminster. I have reviewed these documents with the
MARYLAND REGISTRATION NUMBER No. ______________________
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