Year Reference
Application must be completed, signed and returned with remittance.
The following information must be furnished before registration will be issued. Instructions on reverse side. (Please type or print)
(1) Email address REQUIRED
(5) CHECK ONE: Individual Partnership Corporation LLC (6) SIC Code
(7) Business Phones: FAX:
(10) Does firm own building? Yes No Property Owner
(11) Number of Employees Business Start Date
(12) Nature of business (Explain)
(13) Total Registration Fee
(14) Penalty (If Applicable)
(15) Total Amount Due
Business Name: Parent Corporation (if applicable)
Business Address: City: State: zip:
Mailing Address: City: State: zip:
Name: City: State: zip:Title: Home Address Home Phone
Name: City:
State: zip:
Title: Home Address
Home Phone
Managers Name: City: State: zip:Title: Managers Address Managers Home Phone
Section Description Units Unit Fee/Receipts Section Fee
Signature of Owner/Ofcer Title: Date:
90000 Business Registration 25.00 25.00
P.O. BOX 10039, 211 S. H
AMILTON STREET, HIGH POINT, NC 27261 FAX: 336.883.8388 TDD: 336.883.8517
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P.O. BOX 10039, 211 S. HAMILTON STREET, HIGH POINT, NC 27261 FAX: 336.883.8388 TDD: 336.883.8517
e Business Registration is to require businesses located within the city limits of High Point to register with the City in order for the
City to have up to date records for the uses of buildings within the City, the commercial purposes of business, to assist with re and
police protection, and for the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of High Point. If a person shall operate businesses at two
(2) or more separate locations, a separate city registration for each location of the business shall be required. Business registration is
Registration and payment may be mailed to the attention of City of High Point Customer Service, PO Box 10039, High Point, NC
27261 or submitted in person at the Collection Division oce any weekday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Suite 220, Municipal Oce Building, 211 S
Hamilton Street, High Point, NC. If you have questions concerning this application or need additional information, you may call 336-
NEW REGISTRATION – Application must be completed and signed by an owner or ocer of the business and returned with remit-
tance to the address listed above. A business registration must be purchased before engaging in any business activity or a $25 civil
penalty will be assessed.
RENEWAL BUSINESS – Application must be completed, corrected if necessary, signed by an owner or ocer of the business and
returned with remittance on or before the due date of April 30. e registration year shall run from May 1st through April 30th. Any
change in business location and/or business activity must be reported to the City’s Revenue Collection Division. A renewal notice
will be sent approximately 30 days prior to the expiration of your current registration. However, the failure to receive a renewal notice
does not relieve you or your obligation to renew your registration or pay penalty for late renewal. Delinquent renewals are subject to a
$25.00 civil penalty.
Incomplete applications will not be processed and registration will not be issued until all fees are paid.
1 Primary email address for the business or business owner(s). Registration cannot be completed without a valid email address.
2 Name the business will be known by and Parent Corporation name if applicable. Example: ABC Company and Consolidated
Printing, Inc.
3 Address from which the business will operate. Include Street Name, City, State and Zip Code.
4 Mailing address if dierent from the business address.
5 Identify if business is owned individually, by partnership, corporation or LLC by checking the appropriate space.
6 Standard Industrial Classication Code (SIC) a code developed by the Federal government for use in the classication of
establishments by the type of activity in which they are engaged. Record our SIC code if known.
7 Telephone number(s) of business and fax number if applicable.
8 Name, address and telephone number of owner(s) – individual or partners. If corporation, list name, address and telephone
number of 2 corporate ocers such as President and Secretary.
9 Manager’s name, address and telephone number.
10 Name of person or corporation you are leasing/renting property from if dierent from business owner(s).
11 Number of employees at this location and date business started or will start at the location from which registration is sought.
12 Describe the nature of the business. Give description of the business activities carried on at this location.
Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, money order, Master Card, Visa or Discover.
e business shall post the registration certicate conspicuously in the place that the business is registered.
“By signing this application, it is understood by the applicant that the issuance of a registration does not constitute acceptance or
approval of the use of the named location as having complied with existing building codes, re prevention code or zoning code.
Business owner(s) remain fully liable and responsible for bringing the premises in conformity with all applicable City and State Codes.
The City of High Point
211 South Hamilton Street, High Point, NC 27261 USA
The City’s legal staff identied two criteria for exemption of business registration:
1. Enterprises necessarily owned and operated by persons with State issued
occupational licenses.
2. State issued occupational licenses which have a State requirement of
continuing education.
Physicians, Attorneys, and Dentists are examples of professionals who are
exempted. Appeals claiming the benet of the exemption must submit licensure