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For Students and Graduate Program Staff
NOTE: SGPS must approve package before student is ‘complete’. Students should consider this when aiming to
meet a specific deadline/date of submission.
One (1) unbound paper copy of the thesis/dissertation
Title page matches thesis template (see SGPS website for most recent version)
Second page of thesis is the Thesis Examination Information page
Thesis includes ‘Statement of Contribution’ and ‘Declaration’ page
Preliminary pages use Roman Numerals (except title page)
Certificate of Approval of Oral Defence Master’s Thesis Form OR PhD Dissertation Form
Original COA and 1 copy included with the paper copy of the thesis. (The original copy of the Certificate of
Approval is retained by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.)
Theses NonExclusive License Form (from Library and Archives Canada)
Provide one original form (hand signed by student).
Submission of Dissertation/Thesis/Master’s Project or Major Paper Form
The abstract is no more than 150 words for a Master’s and no more than 350 words for a PhD
Provide one original form (hand signed by student).
Submission of ProQuest form (if applicable)
In Google Drive add pdf files:
1) Thesis/dissertation PDF
2) Certificate of Approval Form (with all necessary signatures)
3) Submission of Dissertation/Thesis Form and abstract with appropriate word count
Theses Non-Exclusive License and any other applicable forms (ex: Checklist #2, ProQuest)
NOTE: Please ensure that the pdf file of the thesis/dissertation is not encrypted/password protected. Encrypted files will not be accepted by Library and
Archives Canada or the ProQuest dissertation database and therefore your work cannot be made available to other scholars.
If, for some reason, copies of your thesis cannot be published and go into circulation at the library, you must complete
and submit one copy of Request for Permission to Withhold a Dissertation/Thesis from Publication with your package.
Submitting Withhold Form Not applicable
If you are submitting your complete and final thesis package prior to the specified tuition refund deadline for the given
term, complete online Tuition Refund Form. Check website for deadlines,
For personal thesis binding, see SGPS website OR contact Graduate Thesis Coordinator for more information.
Reviewed Thesis Submission Checklist #2
Name of Student Signature Date
Name of Graduate Program Staff/Other Signature Date
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