Best Efforts Plan
Bid Number: __________________________________________________________________
Project Name: __________________________________________________________________
Project Location: ________________________________________________________________
Contract Number: ______________________________________________________________
Project Number: _______________________________________________________________
Estimated Project Start Date: __________________
Estimated Project End Date: ___________________
Community Benefits Goal for Project: _____________
General Contractor Name: _______________________________________________________
General Contractor Address: _____________________________________________________
Subcontractors listed on bid form: ________________________________________________
Any additional subcontractors not included on bid form: ______________________________
Which trades/crafts will be involved in this project? Approximately how many journeypersons
and apprentices will work on this project, in total?
Number of
Number of
Timeline of Work
Do you anticipate hiring additional workers for this project? If so, how many workers do you
plan to hire, at what level (apprentice/journeyperson) and which trade/craft? _____________
Please describe your current process for recruiting and hiring workers, including any partner
entities you work with to recruit applicants. _________________________________________
Do you require applicants to have access to their own transportation? Yes No
Do you perform a background check on all applicants? Yes No
Do you conduct a drug test before an individual may begin work? Yes No
Do you offer flexible start times to accommodate working parents? Yes No
Please describe your process for certifying which employees are Eligible Workers, and therefore
whose work hours can be counted toward the Community Benefits Goal for this project. _____
Please list, in detail, specific actions you currently take, or plan to take, to demonstrate your
Best Efforts in working toward achieving the Community Benefits Goal for this project. ______
Please provide the name and contact information of the point person for questions related to
Community Benefits.
Name: _______________________________________
Title: _________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________
Submit completed form to
Examples of Actions to Demonstrate Best Efforts
The actions outlined in the Best Efforts Plan are intended to create a lasting partnership
between the City and the Contractor to help Eligible Workers develop life-long careers and
increase the community’s capacity to provide the appropriate workforce for future projects.
The Best Efforts Plan can and should include ongoing efforts and those lasting beyond project
completion, and may include but shall not be limited to the following commitments by the
Engage Subcontractors as partners in implementation of the Contractor’s Best Efforts
Participate in local job fairs and hiring events, including those at high schools, those
organized by CareerForce and other partner organizations, and those organized by area
community and technical colleges
Proactively work with CareerForce, Native American tribes, and community
organizations to recruit and retain Eligible Workers when hiring
Proactively work with Duluth Workforce Development and its community partners, as
well as local unions, to sponsor new Eligible Workers into apprenticeship programs
Support and actively participate in apprenticeship preparation programs such as Tools
of the Trade, as well as other construction career training opportunities
Actively participate in the Duluth Workforce Development Board’s Construction
Working Group, which leads a variety of initiatives to expand our region’s construction
workforce pipeline
Review application, hiring, and onboarding process to improve accessibility and remove
opportunities for implicit bias
Develop and implement efforts to retain and support advancement of women, people
of color, and disadvantaged workers. For example, develop a mentoring program that
pairs new hires with more experienced employees
Develop and implement company policies and processes to facilitate reporting and
resolution of discrimination, harassment, or bias complaints.