COHORT 2020-2021 SEMESTERS 1-3
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Student Financial Services
Semesters 1-3 Program Fees (not including textbooks): $22,455
Semester 4 Program Fees (not including textbooks): $7,485 - Fee Schedule will be released in 2021
(Primary/Junior with a Focus on Teaching French as a Second Language: $8,982)
Step 1: Tell us how you plan to remit the balance of fees owing. Please select one of the following payment options:
I have applied for Government Student Aid. [Note: All supporting documents must be submitted no later than June
30, 2020]. I understand that I am responsible for paying any tuition fees not covered by this loan. I will pay the
outstanding balance in 4 equal installments ($5,488.75) on the following dates: Aug 1/20, Nov 2/20, Feb 1/21, May
I will pay the outstanding balance in 4 equal installments ($5,488.75) on the following dates: July 1/20, Oct 1/20, Jan
4/21, Apr 1/21.
I will pay the outstanding balance in 12 equal monthly installments ($1,829.59) beginning on July 1/20 and concluding
on Jun 1/21 (payments are due on first business day of the month from July 2020 to June 2021)1.
Step 2: Tell us the method of payment you intend to use. Please select from the following options:
I will pay by Interac. [I am aware that I will need to visit the Student Financial Services Oce in person on or before the
payment due dates to make the payment]
I will pay through Online Banking at my financial institution. [I am aware that I need to add “Tyndale University” as a
payee to my “bills” list. The 9-digit account number is my Student ID number with 000 before my ID. The payment will
take 3 business days to reach my student account.]
I will pay by cash, cheque or have enclosed post-dated cheques.
I will pay by VISA or MasterCard. [I am aware that I will need to call or visit the Student Financial Services Oce on or
before the payment due dates to make the payment. A 2% surcharge applies to all credit card transactions.]
By signing below I accept and am bound to the following terms of agreement:
1. For students on the installment plan, monthly interest will be charged on missed payments at
an interest rate of 12% per annum.
2. A $25 administration fee will be applied to the student’s account if a payment is declined or
dishonored (NSF).
3. I understand that I will be restricted from registering for semester 4 of the program until the
fees for semesters 1-3 have been paid in full.
4. All outstanding accounts must be cleared by the end of the academic year. If the student’s
account is not paid in full, restrictions will be imposed on the account. Please refer to page 47
of the Academic Calendar for details on the restriction.
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How do I access my MyTyndale account to view my statement?
1. Please visit
2. Log in with your MyTyndale username and password. If you do not know your password please reset it online.
3. Click on the Financial Services tab (near the top of the page).
4. Click My Statement (on the left hand side of the page).
5. Click View My Statement (on the left hand side of the page) to view your statement.
I can’t log in? I don’t remember my username or password?
Tyndale IT will be able to help you recover your username and/or password. Please contact them at 416.226.6620 x4357 or
Which financial institutions can I make online/telephone payments through?
You can pay for your tuition fees online if you bank with one of the following financial institutions: CIBC, TD Canada Trust, Bank
of Montreal, Scotiabank, Royal Bank, HSBC, Simplii Financial or Tangerine.
I am unable to register “Tyndale University” as the payee.
Some banks do not have Tyndale registered with the exact name as the one mentioned above. Please search for “Tyndale” and
our full name will show up.
When will the government student aid applications be available?
Government student aid applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will be available in Spring 2020.
Programs Study Start Date Study End Date
Bachelor of Education (Semesters 1-3) August 1, 2020 July 31, 2021
How do I apply for government student aid?
Please head to the provincial student aid program’s website. A list of government student aid websites can be found online.
Once you complete your application online, please submit/upload any supporting documents online through the OSAP website.
If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact the Student Financial Services oce as soon as possible.
If I am applying for government student aid for semesters 1-3, do I need to apply again for semester 4?
Yes, you will complete the 2020-2021 application for semesters 1-3. When the 2021-2022 application becomes available in
Spring 2021, you can apply for government student aid for semester 4 of the program.
Will I get a notification about the payment deadlines?
Yes, you will be emailed a reminder for the payment deadlines to your MyTyndale email account approximately 2 weeks before
the deadline. These emails are sent as a courtesy and must not be relied upon. It is the responsibility of the student to adhere
to the scheduled deadlines. Deadline dates can be found on
When can I expect my income tax receipt?
Tuition tax receipts (T2202 & T4A) for the calendar years 2010-2019 are available through your MyTyndale account. 2020 tax
receipts will be available on MyTyndale in February 2021.
3377 Bayview Avenue | Toronto, ON M2M 3S4 | 416.226.6620 x6735 | |
Student Financial Services
3377 Bayview Avenue | Toronto, ON M2M 3S4 | 416.226.6620 x6735 | |
Student Financial Services
No. of Week From To Refund Percentage*
Week 1 27-Jul-20 02-Aug-20 100%
Week 2 03-Aug-20 09-Aug-20 100%
Week 3 10-Aug-20 16-Aug-20 98%
Week 4 17-Aug-20 23-Aug-20 96%
Week 5 24-Aug-20 30-Aug-20 94%
Week 6 31-Aug-20 06-Sep-20 92%
Week 7 07-Sep-20 13-Sep-20 90%
Week 8 14-Sep-20 20-Sep-20 88%
Week 9 21-Sep-20 27-Sep-20 86%
Week 10 28-Sep-20 04-Oct-20 84%
Week 11 05-Oct-20 11-Oct-20 82%
Week 12 12-Oct-20 18-Oct-20 80%
Week 13 19-Oct-20 25-Oct-20 78%
Week 14 26-Oct-20 01-Nov-20 76%
Week 15 02-Nov-20 08-Nov-20 74%
Week 16 09-Nov-20 15-Nov-20 72%
Week 17 16-Nov-20 22-Nov-20 70%
Week 18 23-Nov-20 29-Nov-20 68%
Week 19 30-Nov-20 06-Dec-20 66%
Week 20 07-Dec-20 13-Dec-20 64%
Week 21 14-Dec-20 20-Dec-20 62%
Week 22 21-Dec-20 27-Dec-20 60%
Week 23 28-Dec-20 03-Jan-21 58%
Week 24 04-Jan-21 10-Jan-21 56%
Week 25 11-Jan-21 17-Jan-21 54%
Week 26 18-Jan-21 24-Jan-21 52%
Week 27 25-Jan-21 31-Jan-21 50%
Week 28 01-Feb-21 07-Feb-21 48%
Week 29 08-Feb-21 14-Feb-21 46%
Week 30 15-Feb-21 21-Feb-21 44%
Week 31 22-Feb-21 28-Feb-21 42%
Week 32 01-Mar-21 07-Mar-21 40%
Week 33 08-Mar-21 14-Mar-21 38%
Week 34 15-Mar-21 21-Mar-21 36%
Week 35 22-Mar-21 28-Mar-21 34%
No refund after 28-Mar-21 0%
* Refund % applies to all fees with the exception of Administrative Fee
* Administrative Fee of $150 is non-refundable after August 9, 2020