Updated February 2020
1. Meet all qualifications listed on the LOP
Instructions page (see back).
2. Attach syllabus or course description.
3. Meet with the respective Tyndale
Department Chair for the course to be
taken (please see Student
Responsibilities, #1, on page 2) and
obtain approval.
4. Submit signed form and $25 LOP fee to
the Office of the Registrar.
Note: The Office of the Registrar will forward
LOP package to the SVP Academic & Dean of
Undergraduate Studies for approval.
Name: _____________________________________________
Student ID: ______________________________
Email: _____________________________________________
Daytime Phone: __________________________
Program of Study: ___________________________________ Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy): ________________
Cumulative G.P.A. (if known): __________________________
*If your mailing address has changed, please see
*Normal processing time is 2-3 weeks
Name and Address of Institution:
Name and E-mail Address of Contact Person
to whom LOP will be sent:
Course Name: ______________________________________
Instructor’s Name: __________________________________
For which Semester & Year: ___________________20______
Equivalent Tyndale Course or Program Requirement: ________________________________________________
Please provide a rationale for your request to take this course under Letter of Permission:
Tyndale Department Chair Signature (related to course above): _________________________________________
PAONL Faculty Advisor Signature (PAONL students only): ______________________________________________
Student Signature: __________________________________ Date: ________________
Office of the Registrar
3377 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M2M 3S4
Tel: 416.226.6620 ext. 6711 Fax: 416.226.4210
Email: registration@tyndale.ca Webpage: www.tyndale.ca/registrar
REGISTRAR:______________________ Date: ______________
SVP ACADEMIC & DEAN:____________________ Date: ______________
VISA/MasterCard Debit cards can only be processed in person. Credit card # and expiry
date can be indicated below or left in our password-protected message box at (416) 226-
6620 ext. 2195.
Credit Card Cash Interac Money Order
Visa/Mastercard Number: ______ - ______ - ______ - ______
Expiry Date: _____ / _____ CVV: _________
Name on Card: __________________________________________
Paid: _______ Initial: _________ Date: _______________
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Updated February 2020
Office of the Registrar
Undergraduate Students in good standing wishing to study at other institutions for credit towards their Tyndale degrees or
certificates must apply for a Letter of Permission (LOP). Undergraduate Students must have the signatures of the Department
Chair, the Registrar, and the SVP Academic & Dean of Undergraduate Studies in order to be approved for an LOP.
Student Eligibility:
1. The student is required to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.30 (C+) to apply.
2. The student must have completed a minimum of 10 courses (30.00 credit hours) before applying.
3. The student must have all outstanding balances owed to Tyndale University, paid.
4. Students may not take courses on LOP if doing so would cause the number of courses completed at Tyndale to be less than 50%
of their total degree requirements.
5. International students are warned that tuition fees will increase significantly at other institutions.
Course Eligibility:
1. The LOP course being evaluated must not be offered at Tyndale University.
2. The course must adequately reflect and augment the program the student is currently in, as decided by the Department Chair
and approved by the Registrar and the SVP Academic & Dean of Undergraduate Studies.
3. A core course may not be taken on LOP.
4. There is a maximum amount of combined transfer credits and/or LOP used towards a degree. Undergraduate students may take
a maximum of half of their degree through transfer credits and/or LOP.
5. PAONL program students are only allowed to take up to 3 courses through LOP (with approval from the PAONL Faculty Advisor).
Student Responsibilities:
1. The student is required to prove the eligibility of the course first to the respective Tyndale Department Chair. For example, if the
student would like to take a Psychology course elsewhere, they must first get the approval from the Tyndale Psychology
Department Chair. [Biblical Studies and Theology: Dr. Ben Reynolds; Business Administration: Prof. Natalie Guriel; Christian
Ministries: Dr. Daniel Wong; English: Dr. Natasha Duquette; Health and Human Services: Dr. Anthony Hutchinson; History and
Global Studies: Dr. Brad Faught; International Development: Brenda Ho; Languages: Dean of Undergraduate Studies Office;
Linguistics: Dr. Paul Arsenault; Music: Dr. Melissa Davis; Natural Science: Dean of Undergraduate Studies Office; Philosophy: Dr.
Richard Davis; Psychology: Dr. Nancy Ross; Visual Arts and Media: Dean of Undergraduate Studies Office]
2. The student is responsible for all communication between the home and host institutions, including all syllabi, official transcripts
(in a sealed envelope), and the letters of permission themselves.
3. The student must achieve a minimum grade of 2.00 (C) or equivalent in the course to have it transferred into his or her program
at Tyndale University.
4. The student must be aware that if the transfer credit is allowed in the final year of study and that credit is the final credit
required for graduation, he or she will most likely not graduate in that session but must wait for the next graduating session.
Instructions When Completing the Request Form:
1. Please use your legal name.
2. Please leave a detailed mailing address for the host institution.
3. “Equivalent Tyndale course or requirement” refers to the program requirement on your program sheet you hope to satisfy by
the LOP (ie. a Fine Arts elective or a 3000 level History course).
4. If you would like to request more than one course for LOP, please use another request form. Please submit the forms together
and pay one processing fee. [The Office of the Registrar will then forward the LOP Package to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Office for approval].
5. Please attach all syllabi to this request form. If the syllabi are not available, please attach the course descriptions.
After a Request is Submitted:
1. If approved, the LOP will be e-mailed directly to the host institution using the e-mail address you provide. A copy of this letter
will be e-mailed to you as well.
2. Remember to apply and register to the host institution by their deadlines as a LOP student. Fees for courses taken at other
institutions are payable directly to the institution involved.
3. After the course has been completed, ask the host institution to send your official transcript to the Office of the Registrar at
Tyndale University.
4. Once we receive an official transcript and if your grade meets the minimum grade of 2.00 (C), your LOP will be transferred
towards your degree. This class will appear at the top of your Tyndale transcript without the final grade. If the LOP is not
approved, the Office of the Registrar will contact you with the results.