Assessment Misconduct Appeal (Challenge) Form
Please read the following regulations carefully before completing this form:
Assessment Regulations
Assessment Guidance and Procedures
You are strongly advised to seek guidance from Goldsmiths Students’ Union’s independent
advice service before completing the form:
Section One: Your Details
Student number
First name
Family name
Address for
Telephone number
Goldsmiths email
Alternative email
Programme of study
Year of study
Assessment misconduct appeals (known as “challenges”) must be submitted
within 14-days of the date of the letter informing you of the misconduct
hearing outcome and penalty. (Late challenges may be considered if you have
evidence that you were medically unable to engage with the appeals procedure
in the time between the issue of your transcript and submitting your appeal.)
Challenges must be based on one or more of the following grounds, and
supported by appropriate evidence:
1. that the proceedings of the Hearing conducted by the Chair of the Board of
Examiners were not carried-out in accordance with the regulations;
2. that fresh evidence can be presented which could not reasonably have
been made available to the Hearing conducted by the Chair of the Board of
3. that there is evidence of prejudice or of bias on the part of the person
conducting the hearing.
There is no right of appeal against academic judgement: that is, a judgment
that is made about a matter where only the opinion of an academic expert will
suffice. For example, a judgment about whether work has been plagiarised, or
the extent of the plagiarism; assessment; a degree classification; fitness to
practice; research methodology or course content/outcomes will normally be
academic judgment.
Goldsmiths Student Services provides a range of support, including
Chaplaincy, Counselling, Disability & Funding:
Section Two: Your Challenge
Module name(s) and
codes & title of
Ground(s) of appeal
(please tick)
1. Procedural irregularity
2. Fresh evidence which could not be presented to the Hearing
3. Prejudice or bias
A. Please set out here the main points of your challenge; it is helpful to number each
separate problem or issue:
B. Please list each piece of supporting evidence you have submitted with this form:
C. How would you like to see your challenge resolved?
Section Three: Declaration
I consent to information being made available to individuals as required to investigate my challenge
at the discretion of the Complaints & Appeals Manager. I understand that the personal data which I
have provided on this form may be stored in paper and/or electronic form in accordance with
Goldsmiths College policies on Data Protection (available at:
and with the provisions of the Data Protection Act (1998).
I have read Goldsmiths’ assessment misconduct procedure as set out in the Assessment Guidance
& Procedures.
All the information and documentation submitted in and with this form is complete and represents an
accurate and true reflection of the situation that led to my challenge.
Please return this form and accompanying documents by email to:
Or, please send to:
Appeals & Complaints Team
Governance & Legal Services
Deptford Town Hall
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross
London SE14 6NW
Please note: electronic files must be submitted in PDF or Word format.
Updated June 2017