Online Readiness Questionnaire
Are you ready to take an online class? Complete
the questionnaire below to find out. Your score will
give you an idea of your readiness for the special
environment of online learning:
1. My computer skills are:
a. High. I am comfortable with electronic mail, web-
browsing and various software programs.
b. Moderate. I am okay if there isn’t too much typing and
special software.
c. Low. I don’t like using a computer and I am a novice
on most programs.
2. My typing skills are:
a. Very good.
b. Average.
c. Very bad. I don’t enjoy typing.
3. I have access to an internet connection on my home
a. Always.
b. Sometimes but I share my computer with roommates
or family members.
c. Never.
4. When asked to use computers or other new technologies:
a. I am excited about trying things out and learning new
b. I am a little nervous but I try things out anyway.
c. I feel anxious and try to avoid doing it.
Online Readiness Questionnaire
5. Given my busy schedule, the amount of time I have to
devote to an online class is:
a. 9 to 12 hours per week
b. 4 to 8 hours per week
c. 0 to 3 hours per week
6. I would classify myself as someone who:
a. Jumps in and gets things done ahead of time.
b. Need some reminding to get things done on time.
c. Procrastinates and put things off until the last minute.
7. I expect my instructors to:
a. Give me written feedback so I can improve my course
b. Give me written feedback with some oral explanation to
help me clarify some points.
c. Talk to me so I can really understand the material.
8. I expect my instructors to:
a. Give me comments within a week so I can review what
I did.
b. Give me comments within a day or two or I forget what
I did.
c. Give me comments right away or I get frustrated.
9. Who is most responsible for my learning and academic
a. I am ultimately responsible.
b. My teacher and I share equal responsibility.
c. My teacher is the most responsible for what and how
much I learn.
Online Readiness Questionnaire
10. When it comes to asking questions…
a. I am comfortable approaching an instructor for
b. I am a little uncomfortable but I understand that is part
of understanding the course.
c. I rarely ask for assistance even when I know I need it.
SCORE: _______________
If you scored 40 to 50 points you are ready to
take an online course and you should do well
in a learner based environment.
If you scored 30 to 39 points, an online
course may work for you but you might need
to make some adjustments in your schedule
and study habits.
If you scored below 30 points, an online
course is probably not the best alternative for
you at this time.