Martin Community College
Apprentice Line Technician
Student Application
June, 2020
To Prospective Students
This packet is provided to assist you in applying for the Apprentice Line Technician Academy at
Martin Community College
A career as a line technician is a fast-paced profession which is physically, mentally, and
emotionally demanding. Line Technicians choose this career/lifestyle because they like the
environment and the ability to progress within the career field.
Line Technicians should be in good physical health and able to move freely. Coordination,
dexterity, stamina, and strength are also required as climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling,
crouching, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, and grasping are common for
entry level line technician professionals. A line technician should also not have a fear of heights
since this work requires the worker to be many feet off the ground for a large portion of their
job duties.
The student must be 18 years of age prior to the conclusion of the training program.
Students will learn such topics as: (Total hours of the course is 420)
Basic electricity
First-aid CPR.
Competent person training for all UG excavations.
Flagger Training
CDL permit requirements/guidance
Pole top rescue
Bucket rescue
Fall arrest
Positioning lanyard
Climbing techniques
Belt hoist operation
Chain hoist operation
Telescopic stick operations on different devices
Shotgun stick many different uses
Arial framing, specs, measurements, and material/ hardware
Wire size and connector types and sizes as well as tools associated
Preformed ties as well as tie wire
Personal protective grounding
Metering and installation of services
Single phase transformer makeup
Three phase transformer banking
Use of transformer gin and block and tackle
All different equipment operations mostly line truck bucket truck and excavator
How to set up equipment for jobs
And much more…..
Apprentice Line Technician Requirements
The following criteria must be met prior to entering an Apprentice Line Technician course.
Must have completed the MCC Apprentice Line Technician Student Application. This
application must be submitted to the continuing education registrar seven days prior to
the start of class.
Must complete a MCC Continuing Education Registration Form.
The student must pay the registration fee of $180.00 prior to the start of class. There
are multiple ways of seeking financial assistance. The Continuing Education Registrar or
Dean can assist you in completing those documents.
Textbooks will be required. 1. Power Line Worker Level One Trainee Guide (ISBN-10:
0132571099 or ISBN-13: 978-0132571098) 2. Ugly’s Electrical References (ISBN:
MCC Student ID Badge
Apprentice Line Technician Course Fees (Financial Aid is Available)
Registration Fee: $180.00
Due the same day as registration.
Books plus registration Total Estimated Cost: $ 400.00
Additional items students will need for the course:
Lineman Boots Approx. $200.00 (this price varies)
Lineman Gloves Approx. $15.00
Safety Glasses Approx. $10.00
Application Steps
Must complete Apprentice Line Technician Student Application Form.
Must complete MCC Continuing Education Registration Form.
Must submit completed Apprentice Line Technician Student Application to the
Continuing Education Registrar or Dean, seven days prior to the start of the course.
Application packets can be submitted at:
Standard Mail: Nathan Mizell or Leslie Bond
1161 Kehukee Park Road
Williamston, NC 27892
In Person at: MCC Williamston Campus
Building 2, Office 36
MCC Apprentice Line Technician Student Application
Date of Application: ________/________/________
Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________________________________
Circle the highest grade completed: 12 GED College: 1 2 3 4 4+
Why do you want to take this course?
Do you have any mobility concerns or fear of heights? ______Yes _____No
If so, please explain.