Subagreement Competitive Bid
SUBAWARDEE: ____________
DU GRANT#: PRIME SPONSOR: ____________
Agreement Competitively Bid
Yes (Attach RFP and selection documentation)
No (Complete exemption disclosure below)
SECTION I Competitive Bid Exemption Disclosure
Please review the DU Purchasing Policy Section #3.B for exemptions
Subgrant or Subcontract Professional Services
Design compatibility with existing equip Sole Source
Other (Specify Exemption):
Agreements not meeting an exemption must be competitively bid.
Sections II and III must be completed for all of the above.
Agency specified vendor (Attach agency directive; Sections II and III not required)
SECTION II Cost Marketability Analysis
Please provide justification or analysis on how rate/cost was determined and at a market rate. This includes reliance
on organization personnel policies, published price lists, advertised pricing in trade journals, or industry standards.
SECTION III Justification for Waiving Competitive Bid
Include specific qualifications of subawardee, benefits to grant and/or why bidding not applicable or practical
SECTION IV Certification
___________________________________________________________ __________________
PI Signature Date
___________________________________________________________ __________________
ORSP Director Date
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