Acknowledgment of Service
Defendant’s full name if different from the name given
on the claim form
In the High Court of Justice
Business and Property Courts of
England and Wales
Queens Bench Division
Commercial Court
Claim No.
(including ref.)
Defendant returning this form
This must be either the business address of your solicitor or your own residential or business address within
the UK.
if applicable
Tel. no.
Fax no.
DX no.
Tick the appropriate box
1. (I admit)(The Defendant admits) this claim
(I intend)(The Defendant intends) to defend
all of this claim
(I intend)(The Defendant intends) to defend
part of this claim
(I intend)(The Defendant intends) to contest
5. My date of birth is
/ /
If you le an acknowledgment of service but do not
le a defence within *(28 days) ( days) of the date
of service of the particulars of claim, and you have
not indicated that you intend to contest jurisdiction,
judgment may be entered against you.
If you do not le an application to contest the
jurisdiction within 28 days of ling the acknowledgment
of service, it will be assumed that you accept the
court’s jurisdiction.
*Claimant should alter as appropriate if the claim form is to
be served out of the jurisdiction together with particulars of
claim; see CPR rule 6.35 and 6.37(5).
(Defendant)(Defendant’s solicitor)
Position or ofce held
(if signing on behalf of rm, company or corporation)
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