Acceptance of the Roles and Responsibilities of a WoVeN Peer Leader
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I have volunteered to be a Peer Leader within the Women Veterans Network. As such, I agree
to adhere to the following:
I will lead my WoVeN groups with kindness and work hard to be respectful and caring of
the women Veteran group members.
I will use the WoVeN group materials provided by the WoVeN organization for the
purpose of running the WoVeN groups as designed.
I will not use, and will not allow others to use, the group time for other solicitations or
promotions that are not part of the WoVeN manual.
I will seek guidance from my trainer or from the WoVeN central office if I experience any
undue difficulties with other WoVeN members.
I will report any harmful or significantly disruptive activity or behavior to my trainer and
to the WoVeN central office.
I will consult with WoVeN central office before I engage in any media event or release
that references WoVeN.
I will alert WoVeN central office via the appropriate online process and request approved
WoVeN materials prior to representing WoVeN at any event for the purposes of
networking/outreach, information dissemination or recruitment.
I will consult with WoVeN central office before accepting any monetary donations or
contributions from outside parties (public or private) for any WoVeN activities.
I will not represent WoVeN to solicit, request, or apply for any funding in the name of
WoVeN or for any WoVeN-related activities without the express written permission of
WoVeN Directors.
Should funding opportunities arise, I will consult with and secure approval and written
permission from WoVeN Directors prior to accepting funding.
I will approach opportunities to engage and celebrate the WoVeN community from a
foundation of sisterhood and service as a proud WoVeN peer leader!
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