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Jury Duty (documentation required)
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Local (3 days per year & only if available)
State (5 days per year + accumulated & only if available)
NOTE: Excessive leave will be handled through the Supt/Business Office. Personal leave days must be pre-approved by the
principal or supervisor. Per DEC (LOCAL), leave must be taken in 1/2 days or whole days only. Each employee must submit an
Absent From Duty form to the principal/supervisor immediately after returning to duty. A written statement from the
physician or practitioner must be submitted for an absence of five or more continuous days. This statement should appear on
this form or attached securely hereto.
1/2 day AM Whole Day
Name of Substitute
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1/2 day PM
I verify, to the best of my ability, that the above information is correct.
Adrian ISD
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