Study Group Search (SGS)
The LUCOM Student Group Search is a collaborative effort between Student Services and the
Academic Counselor to facilitate a process to aid student doctors in finding study groups that best fit
their learning styles, personalities, and academic needs. The goal of the SGS is ensure that all student
doctors are able to advocate for themselves and streamline the process for engaging with classmates
in a goal-oriented atmosphere of study and review which will best benefit all group members.
Please complete this brief survey by checking any and all applicable responses.
1. Preferred size of study group:
Small (2-3) Medium (4-5) Large (5+) No preference
2. Preferred group members:
Male Female No Preference
3. Purpose of group:
Collaborative Learning Review of Material Accountability
4. Preferred study environment:
No Preference Quiet With music
Private settings Public settings Over meals/snacks
5. Time to study each session:
1-2 hours 2-3 hours 3-4 hours 4+ hours
6. Frequency of times to study a week:
1-2 times 3-4 times 5+ times
7. Learning style. Please choose 2.
Visual Learner - charts, graphs, flashcards, pictures, etc.
Auditory Learner discussion, dialog, reading out loud, listening to audio, etc.
Kinesthetic Learner playing games, role playing, demonstration, learn by teaching others, etc.
Tactile Learner Hands on, drawing/designing things
Reflective LearnerPrefer to think about concepts quietly before any action
Global Understanding Stories and anecdotes
8. How would you best describe your personality?
Architect imaginative and strategic thinkers, with a plan for everything
Commanderbold, strong-willed
Debatersmart yet curious thinker who likes intellectual challenges
Mediatorkind and altruistic person, eager to help
ProtagonistCharismatic and inspiring
Administratorextremely organized, structured, likes to take the lead.
Adventurerflexible, always ready to explore something new
Entertainer spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic
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