Heroes Fund Scholarship Application
Liberty University is proud of our country’s heroes who have given so much for our freedom. We know
that this freedom comes at a high price for many. To show appreciation for our service members who
have been wounded while protecting our liberties, Liberty University has created the Heroes Fund
Eligibility requirements are as follows:
Received an Honorable discharge or currently serving on active duty/reserve status
A veteran of the Gulf Wars
(1990 to present day which includes Desert Shield, Desert Storm, OEF &
. **Vietnam veterans may be considered on a case-by-case basis as long as funds are available.
Be a recipie
nt of the prestigious Purple Heart OR
50%-100% VA disability rating by the Department of Veterans Affairs for PTSD and/or injury,
illness, or conditions as a result of “combat-related
” service.
tion needed for review of scholarship eligibility (based on eligibility above):
Purple Heart Citation, Certificate or Orders
Veterans Affairs letter of disability findings, CRSC document, or print screen of eBenefits Disability
dashboard. Document must list specific disability and percentage information for each illness/injury
Certificate of Eligibility or current GI Bill eligibility status, VONAPP applying for GI Bill benefits, or
a VA letter stating you have exhausted all of your GI Bill benefits. (applicants who transferred
Post 9-11 benefits may be ineligible)
Confirmation of application for Chapter 31 (i.e. copy of confirmation email or copy of 28-8832,
28-1900, etc). Required by all disable veterans
Military Verification (Member 4-DD214, current LES, VA letter with dates & character of service)
Completed Heroes Fund Scholarship Application
HFS Recipient SOP read, sign, date, and return both pages of the SOP
Essay - 750-1000 words on the topic “What degree do you plan to pursue? How this degree will
impact your future and help you meet your specific career objectives?”
FAFSA is an annual requirement for all Liberty University given scholarships (undergraduate
applicants only)
Students approved for this scholarship will be awarded an amount to cover all remaining tuition and
fees once financial aid has been deducted from the total amount of tuition and fees charged. Funding
is only awarded for classes that contribute to the Liberty University degree being pursued. Continued
award of this scholarship for subsequent degree programs will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
This scholarship is funded by the generous donations of Liberty University supporters therefore funding
will only be granted if it is available for that donation year. Continued award of this scholarship may be
re-evaluated based on the availability of funds and increased need/applications.
To apply for the Heroes Fund Scholarship, please complete the form on the following page and submit
to the Military Affairs Office via email: luomilitary@liberty.edu or fax: (434) 455-1287
Updated: 20 December 2017 Version 3.0
Updated: 20 December 2017 Version 3.0
Heroes Fund Scholarship Application
Name: _______________________________ Student ID: ______________ Date of App: _________
Military Background
Branch of Service: _____________ Years of Service: ________ ETS/Retirement Date: _________
Retired from Military Service: No ___ Yes ___ Military Retired Rank: ____________________
Wars/Conflicts served in: ________________________________________________________________
Educational Information
Degree you are applying to use HFS for: ____________________________________________________
Requested Start Date: _______________ Anticipated Graduation Date: ______________
Highest Education Level Completed: __ Master __ Bachelor __ Associate __High School/GED
Documents Submitted (check all documents submitted with this application)
Heroes Fund Scholarship Application
HFS Recipient SOP (send both pages of SOP, not just the signature page, signed & dated)
Essay: (750-1000 words outlining your degree with an emphasis on how this degree will help
you meet your specific career objectives - double spaced in Times New Roman, 12 point font)
GI Bill verification status (COE, VONAPP, VA letter)
Confirmation document verifying application for Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation benefits
Military Verification (Member 4 of DD214, Current LES, VA letter verifying service)
And at least one of the following qualifying documents:
Purple Heart Citation or Orders
Veteran Affairs Disability Award letter stating specific assigned VA percentage rating for each
CRSC Decision Letter (Combat-Related Special Compensation)
xcerpts of Military Medical Records that document combat-related onset/nature of
VA document that verifies initial onset of injury/condition as having a combat-related onset
Copy of military awards, Letter of Commendations, NCOER/OER that document participation in
“combat-related” service
Print screen of your eBenefits Disability Dashboard (must show name verifying the document
belongs to the applicant
Additional supporting documents (as needed):