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State of Tennessee
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For Ofce Use Only
Pursuant to the provisions of the Tennessee Revised Uniform Partnership Act, Section 61-1-1001, the undersigned
partner(s) hearby applies (apply) for status as a registered limited liability partnership:
1. The name of the limited liability partnership is:
(Note: Pursuant to Section 61-1-1003, each limited liability partnership name must contain the words “Registered Limited Liability Partnership”
or the abbreviation “LLP” or “L.L.P.”)
2a. The complete address of the principal ofce is:
Physical Street Address:
City: ST: Zip County:
2b. The mailing address (if different from the physical street address) is:
Mailing Address:
City: ST: Zip County:
3. The name of the registered agent and complete registered ofce address in Tennessee is:
Agent’s name:
Registered Ofce Street Address:
City: ST: Zip County:
4. A brief statement of the business in which the partnership is engaged:
5. Other provisions:
6. If applicable, this limited liability partnership has the additional designation of:
7. If the document is not to be effective upon ling by the Secretary of State, the delayed effective
date/time is: (date), (time).
(Note: A delayed effective date may not be later than the 90th day after the date this document is led by the Secretary of State.)
8. This limited liability partnership, which was previously formed on hereby elects to be
governed by the Tennessee Limited Liability Partnership Act. (Applies only to limited liability partnerships cre-
ated prior to July 1, 1995)
9. The number of partners at the time of ling:
(Note: The application must be executed by one or more authorized partners. Attach additional sheet if neccessary)
Partner’s Signature Signature Date
Printed Name
Partner’s Signature Signature Date
Printed Name
SS-4482 (07/14) RDA 2515
*Note: Pursuant to T.C.A. § 10-7-503 all information on this form is public record.