Taking place within the Rochdale Borough Council Boundary
Children and Young Persons Act S.37(3)(b)
Section 1 Organisation Details
Name of Organisation
Registered Address of
inc. postcode
Tel. No(s)
Email address
Name of Applicant*
Position in Organisation
Address if different
Inc. postcode
Tel. No(s)
Email address
*N.B The applicant must have the authority to agree, on behalf of the organisation, to any terms and conditions set out
by the local authority.
Section 2 - Details of performance
If your application is for a yearly term and you have not arranged any performances, please continue to section 3
Performance Title
Address of Venue
inc. postcode
Date(s) of performance(s)
Time(s) of performance(s)
Description of the performance
in respect of which the
approval is requested
Please provide as full a
description as you can about
what the children will actually
be required to do.
Section 3 Safeguarding arrangements
Name of Person responsible
for Child Protection and
Position in Organisation
Inc. postcode
Tel. No(s)
Email address
How do you ensure your child
protection policy is followed
throughout your organisation?
What safeguarding training do
you provide to those in your
organisation who come in to
contact with children?
What arrangements do you have in
place for the supervision of the
children at rehearsals and
Have BOPA applications been
made to other local authorities?
If yes, which authorities and dates
Has your organisation ever had a
BOPA refused?
If yes, which authorities
Declaration of compliance with The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014
1. I confirm that no payment in respect of taking part in the performance(s), other than for offsetting
expenses, will be made to any young persons or to anyone on their behalf such as a parent/carer.
2. I confirm that the child protection policy for the organisation is attached.
3. I confirm that all the young people’s parents/carers have confirmed that they are fit and that their health
will not suffer by taking part in the performance(s).
4. I confirm that the Organisation agrees to the terms as set out in the “Contract of Agreement” and
“Guidance” attached.
5. I confirm that no child of compulsory school age requires any absence from school to take part in the
Applicant Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _________________________
Print Name: ____________________________________
Please send completed application form and signed contract to:
Or Post to: RBC Education Welfare, Floor 4, Number1 Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU.
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