This Affidavit of Support is used as a detailed statement of financial resources. This indicates that you have sufficient funds
to finance your education at Midlands Technical College. This form must indicate how much money, in U.S. dollars, will be
available to you per academic year to meet the cost of your education. It must also provide the source of the money. You are
required to deposit $13,440 in an escrow account at Midlands Technical College to cover the estimated cost of your tuition
and fees for your first two semesters. This is based on 12 credit hours (full time) per semester.
There is a 2.5% service charge for credit card payments for tuition and fees. This service fee will appear on your credit card bill as a separate line item. This
is a nonrefundable fee.
Estimated Budget for One Year (subject to change without notice)
TOTAL Academic and Living Expenses: $27,512
NOTE: Add an additional $3,000 for spouse and $2,000 for each child on your I-20.
Affidavit of Support for (print student’s name) _________________________________________________
Please indicate the source and amount of money available for your first academic year.
$ __________________________ Personal Funds – Submit your original bank statements or similar documents.
$ __________________________ Family or Other Support – Provide the following statement signed by the person who is responsible for your
expenses while you are at Midlands Technical College.
This is to certify that the supplied information is true and accurate. The funds must be made available and provided as specified.
Signature of person supplying funds: __________________________________________________________
Printed name of person supplying funds: _______________________________________________________
Relationship of Sponsor to Applicant: __________________________________________________________
Address of Sponsor: ________________________________________________________________________
Must be completed by a bank official
In compliance with the request of our depositor, we state that on the close of business day (date in mm/dd/yyyy) ___ / ___ /20 ___, the
deposit balance to the credit of the above-named individual as shown in our records is currently the following amount in U.S. dollars
$ _________________. This account was opened on (date in mm/dd/yyyy) ___ / ___ / _____. To the best of our knowledge of the banking laws
of this country, these funds may be sent to your college to support the educational needs of the above-named student in the United States.
Signature of Bank Official ________________________________________________________ Date ____________________________________
Printed name of Bank Official _____________________________________________________ Bank Official’s Title ________________________
Name of Bank __________________________________________________________________ Place Bank Seal Here
PO Box 2408
Columbia, SC 29202
Tuition @ $6,120 per semester $12,240
Course Fees $912
First-Time Enrollment Fee $50
Student fee @ $112 each semester $238
Books (estimate) $1,564
Total Academic Expenses $15,004
Apartment and Food $6,201
Personal $2,257
Transportation costs $4,050
Total Living Expenses $12,508
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