A minimum one-mile section of primary highway or ½ mile of residential streets will be eligible
for adoption. Litter pickup will be done on both sides of the roadway four times a year, more often
if necessary.
The Director of Public Works or an appointed representative will select eligible sections.
Any local community organizations, such civic, social or school groups, will be allowed to adopt
highways, as well as individuals 18 years or older. Participants must have approved permit
applications on file with the Public Works Office.
Businesses that wish to sponsor groups may do so; the business name will go on the sign in block
letters. No business logos will be allowed.
Participants will be required to adopt for two years.
Groups with members less than 15 years old must be supervised by adults 18 years or older. There
will be one adult per eight under-age group members. Large groups should be divided into teams
of eight or fewer members. Each team should stay on one side of the road.
The City will supply participants with safety information, plastic trash bags and safety vests. The
materials will be picked up from the Public Works Office, 501 Lake Avenue during regular works
hours the week before pickup.
If participants cannot dispose of the filled trash bags, pickup must be schedule with the Street
Participants are encouraged to separate and recycle appropriate materials for their benefit.
Signs noting the program and the participants will be installed at the beginning of the adopted
section, one in each direction. These signs will be the only signs used to promote the Adopt A
Roadway along the roadsides.
The City will bear the cost of producing, installing and maintaining the signs.
The Street Division will monitor the program. The Director of Public Works or someone assigned
by him will be the contact person for the adopting groups.
After each pickup, adopting groups will file reports detailing the number of people involved,
number of bags of litter picked up, hours spent, etc. Pre-printed forms will be furnished by the City
for making the reports, which will be filed with the Public Works Department. Records on the
program will be kept by the Public Works Department, which will also serve as the clearinghouse
of the information for interested groups/media inquiries.
Adopting groups will be encouraged to schedule two of their pickups in April and October to
coincide with the statewide clean ups for historic Garden Week and Recycling Month, respectively.
The City reserves the right to revise these conditions as needed.
DON’T: Pick up litter in construction or maintenance sites, in tunnels or bridges or
overpasses. Leave that work for the City of Colonial Heights.
DON’T: Work during peak travel times when cars will be passing. The City of
Colonial Heights will help identify suitable times.
DON’T: Participate in litter pickup while under the influence of drugs and/or
DON’T: Overexert yourself, take breaks and drink plenty of fluids.
DON’T: Bring small children along.
DON’T: Pick up materials that appear to be hazardous, contact the City of Colonial
Heights Police or the Hazardous Waste Hotline (1-800-552-2075).
DO: Carpool to the pickup site to keep the number of cars on the roadside to a
minimum. Park off the road as far away from the pavement edge as possible.
DO: Wear a yellow safety vest so you can be seen easily. Wear it to the pickup
site so you will have it on from the moment you leave the car.
DO: Wear light or bright colored protective clothing, as well as hard soled shoes
and work gloves.
DO: Work only in daylight and fair weather.
DO: Stay alert for snakes and noxious weeds and avoid them.
DO: Take pride in daring to care about keeping the City of Colonial
Heights beautiful.
Please complete the information requested below and return this sheet to:
City of Colonial Heights, Department of Public Works, P.O. Box 3401, Colonial Heights, Virginia
Organization (Please Print or Type)
Street Name and Location of Adopted Section
_______________________ ______________________
Pickup Date Number of Persons
________________________ ______________________
Number of Hours Number of Bags
Phone Number: 804-520-9372 - 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Fax Number: 804-520-9230.
Date: ____________________
In order to enhance the environment and the appearance of roadsides, we request to
“Adopt A Roadway” __________________________from____________________
to __________________________in the City of Colonial Heights, totaling
The work will be perform under and in accordance with the City of Colonial Heights “Adopt A
Roadway” conditions attached to this permit and incorporated herein by reference.
Applicants to whom permits are issued shall at all times indemnify and save harmless the City of
Colonial Heights, members of City Council and all City Employees, agents and officers from
responsibility, damage or liability arising from the exercise of the privileges granted in such
This permit may be terminated by the City of Colonial Heights at any time the applicants do not
comply with the permit or at any time the applicant’s work is unsafe or causes a conflict with
traffic. The City of Colonial Heights reserves the right to revise or discontinue this program at any
NAME: (Please print or type) _______________________________________________
SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________
TITLE: (if applicable) ____________________________________________________
ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________
EMAIL: _______________________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER: (home) _________________ (work) ________________________
NAME TO APPEAR ON SIGN: ___________________________________________
PERMISSION is hereby given insofar as the City of Colonial Heights has the right, power and
authority to grant by permit and/or by the rights granted herein to perform the work as described.
___________________ _____________________
Director of Public Works Date
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