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Audit Policy:
A student may register to audit a course with the permission of the course instructor. No grade and no credit will be given.
Attendance requirements for audit students shall conform with the instructor's policy for the class as a whole, unless other
arrangements are made between the auditing student and the instructor. Participation in the course is by agreement between the
student and the instructor.
The student or the instructor has the prerogative to request the agreement be in writing. Upon satisfactory attendance and
fulfillment of the agreement between the student and instructor, a status of AU will be recorded; no credit will be awarded. A
status of Z will be recorded at the end of the course should the attendance and/or agreement not be fulfilled. The student may
officially withdraw from the audited course according to the withdrawal policy.
Change of status in a course from audit to credit may be made only during the add period.
Change of status in a course from credit to audit may be made only during the first ten weeks of classes subject to the above
mentioned requirements: by permission of and in agreement with the instructor.
A course taken for audit does not count toward a student's full-time status unless the student is required to audit the course with
the approval of the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. A prerequisite cannot be satisfied by an audit. (Approved April
25, 1994; Modified by College Meeting December 14, 2006)
Note: Students are required to pay all tuition and fees for an audited course. Financial aid does not cover the cost of audited
Course to be audited:
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