Course Exam Challenge:
A Course Exam Challenge provides Cape Cod Community College students an opportunity to earn college credit for prior learning
experiences by demonstrating proficiency in the content of a course via an exam. Students may request a Course Exam Challenge
when there is not a CLEP Exam available for the specific subject area. Developmental Education courses and Independent Study
cannot be challenged. Academic departments determine courses that are eligible for challenge and the competencies necessary
for the student to demonstrate for awarding credit. Credits earned via a Course Exam Challenge do not apply to residency
Student Instructions:
1. Contact the Department Chair or Academic Dean to determine eligibility to challenge a course for academic credit.
2. Submit this completed form to the Academic Dean with justification. Include any supporting documentation.
3. After obtaining approval and required signatures, submit this form and all fees to the Business Office for payment.
4. After payment, bring this form to the Office of the Registrar to register for the Course Exam Challenge.
5. The student is responsible to contact the faculty expert to make specific arrangements for taking the challenge.
6. At the end of the term and if successful, the course, its credits, and a grade of P for pass is recorded. If unsuccessful a
grade of “NG” is recorded. The “NG” grade does not show on the student academic transcript.
ID#: ___________________ Semester (Fall/Intersession/Spring/Summer): ___________________ Year:_______________
Last Name: ___________________________________ First Name: ____________________________ Middle Initial: __________
Date of Birth: _________________ Email: _______________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Course Exam to
be Challenged:
Course Number: _______________ - 60 Credit Hours: ______ Course Title: ____________________________________________
Faculty expert appointed by the Academic Dean: __________________________________________________________________
Justification for Course Exam Cha
Course Exam Challenge Approvals:
ned: ______________________________________________ Date: _________________
ned: ______________________________________________ Date: _________________
(Faculty expert appointed by the Academic Dean)
Signed: ______________________________________________ Date: _________________
(Department Chair or Academic Dean)
Office of Registrar Use:
Date Received: ______________
Copy to student, faculty expert and Office of the Registrar. Original copy to HR.
Business Office Fees & Use:
The Course Exam Challenge
administrative fee is $40 per exam
plus there is a fee of $40 per credit
hour being challenged.
Revised 10/2019
Office of the Registrar COURSE EXAM CHALLENGE FORM
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