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2021 Continuing Education Provider
Renewal Application
Thank you for your interest in maintaining your Continuing Education Provider status!
We have created this renewal application for your convenience. If your course content has not changed from the
previous year and/or your approved instructors remain the same, we only require the submission of this
completed application. If you have new courses that you want to submit, you will need to fill out the Continuing
Education Provider Application and provide all required supporting documentation.
NASM and AFAA support ongoing professional development and education by requiring members to recertify
every two years. To qualify, members must complete Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from approved providers.
CEUs are awarded based on the number of hours spent in a structured educational format. Within this application,
continuing education providers may apply to be a NASM or AFAA approved provider or an approved provider for
BOTH at a discounted rate.
Once approved:
Your Continuing Education (CE) Offering(s) and a link to your website, if provided, will appear on the
online CEU Approved Provider List. These lists are located at or at Note:
NASM and AFAA have separate lists.
The CEU value (with the associated recertification point system) will be posted on the CEU Approved
Provider List.
You will receive instructions for the authorized use of the associated logo(s).
Approval is awarded for a specific CE Offering for a specific calendar year.
CE Providers must demonstrate the following:
Health and Fitness Topical Relevance (i.e. anatomy, nutrition, weight control, wellness, sports medicine,
biomechanics, business management, exercise assessment, fitness program design, special populations,
strength training, kinesiology, biomechanics, behavioral change, sports psychology, exercise physiology)
Credible Content (i.e. proven/scientifically valid information and/or practical application/methods) that is
current and unique, at an appropriate level (designed for experienced fitness professionals) and aligned
with the mission and reputations of NASM and/or AFAA.
Author/Instructor Credentials and Related Experience (i.e. certification, accreditation, and/or related
1. Complete the Continuing Education Provider Renewal Application
2. Submit your completed application to
3. We will contact you by phone within 2-3 business days to obtain your payment. If we are unable to reach you by
phone, we will contact you via email.
4. If you have questions, please contact us at 800.460.6276.
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PROVIDER COMPANY NAME (Must match completion certificate name) __________________________________
NASM PROVIDER # ______________________ AFAA PROVIDER # _____________________________
CONTACT NAME First/Last _______________________________________________________________________
PROVIDER ADDRESS Street/City/State/ZIP ___________________________________________________________
PROVIDER PHONE _______________________________ CONTACT PHONE _______________________________
PROVIDER EMAIL ________________________________ CONTACT EMAIL _______________________________
WEBSITE The link for the approved provider list(s) ____________________________________________________
RENEWAL CE OFFERING(S) Please list ALL CE offerings being submitted for renewal. All names should be listed the
same as previous approvals. If more space is needed, please attach additional documents.
Course Name
Approved CEU
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2021 FEE CALCULATION (Updated Pricing) BEST VALUE!
NASM Provider
AFAA Provider
Course Type
Self Study
Workshop *
Conference *
1-20 sessions
Conference *
21-60 sessions
Conference *
61+ sessions
* Applicable to live in person or live virtual workshops/conferences.
**Series pricing applies to CE Offerings grouped together to create a course progression. First CE
Offering is full price and each subsequent course is series pricing.
Please allow 30 days for processing. We can only process paid in full applications. We will attempt to
contact you by email if your application is incomplete. If your application remains incomplete after 60
days from the date of submission or is not approved, your request will be cancelled. We reserve the
right to cancel the Approved Provider status at any time.
I verify that I have read and agree to the Provider Terms and Conditions.
Applicant Signature:________________________________________________ Date: ____________
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