Departmental Service Vehicle Parking Permit Application
: 2018/2019___________ Department Name: _____________________________
Dept #: __________________
Contact Person: _______________________
Phone ext: _________ Email: ____________________________________
Acceptance and Use of a Parking Permit Acknowledges compliance with the terms and conditions of the
University of Guelph Parking and Traffic Regulations.
Charges will not be processed until an agreed choice of Parking Locations has been determined and the
permit issued.
An annual permit must be purchased by staff (not using departmental funding) prior to service vehicle
permit being processed.
Permit Application will not be processed until the Chair/Dean then your Vice President has authorized using
Departmental Funding.
Qty Fund Unit Grant Project Object Amount Auth
Reason Requesting Permit (Floater
/Departmental Van):
Vehicle Lic
Plate #
Model Colour
*Departmental Authorization: _____________________________/________________________________
(Chair/Dean Signature) (Chair/Dean Print Name)
*VP Authorization: _____________________________________/________________________________
(Vice President Signature) (Vice President Print)
*Both authorizations required to process this application.
Date: _________________________
For Parking Office Use Only:
Date Entered: _____________
UID #: _______________
Permit #: S____________
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