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Street Address of Sign:
Brief Description of Work:
(Example: Install new monument sign or Install new attached building sign)
Property Owner Name:
Telephone #: Email Address:
Tenant Name:
Telephone # Email Address:
Contractor Name & DBA:
Business Address:
Telephone #: Email Address:
General Contractor License #: City of Madison License #:
Type of Sign A separate application is required for each type of sign. See Submittal Checklist on back.
Ground Sign Details - Plot plan required. See Submittal Checklist on back.
Sign Height (Ft.): Sign Width (Ft.): Street Frontage (Ft.):
Including Monument Base Including Monument Sides
Sign Face Sq. Ft. Reader Board Sq. Ft. (check type)
EMC Manual
Building Sign Details - Rendering or photo of front of building/suite required. See Submittal Checklist on back.
Width of Building/Suite (Ft): Height of Building/Suite (Ft): Total area (width x height):
New Sign Face Sq. Ft. Existing and Remaining Sign Face Sq. Ft.
I certify and acknowledge that I have read this application and that all information provided is true and correct; that all work performed in association with the issued
permit shall conform to the plans and specifications submitted and will comply with all City Codes and Ordinances. By signing this application as a contractor, I
certify that I will meet all applicable laws of the State of Alabama, including any exemptions as the law provides. I certify and agree to protect all public improvements
and public utilities adjacent to or serving the property on which the proposed structure(s) are located, whether or not the said improvements, or utilities, are the
property of the City of Madison. I further agree to make, or cause to have made, all necessary repairs resulting from my actions, misuse or lack of care, or on the
part of any of my employees, agents, subcontractors, or suppliers of materials. I further attest that I am authorized by the property owner to execute this document
as his or her agent.
Date: Signature:
Owner or Authorized Agent
Valuation of Work $
Permit #
Permit Fee
Cash Credit Card OR Check #
Freestanding Ground Sign
Monument Sign
Interstate Sign
Driveway Entrance/Internal Intersection Sign
Drive-Through Sign (menu board)
Building Sign
Wall Sign - Cabinet/Box
Channel Letters on Raceway
Awning/Canopy/Marquee Sign
Pole-Mounted Banner Sign
Projecting/Hanging Sign
Building Dept.
Approved Not Approved See comments.
Engineering Dept.
Approved Not Approved See comments.
Fire Dept.
Approved Not Approved See comments.
Planning Dept.
Approved Not Approved See comments.
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Permanent Sign Checklist
See complete Sign Regulations in Article VII of the City of Madison Zoning Ordinance
For All Sign Permit Applications:
1. Complete and sign the permit application Don’t forget your City of Madison business license number.
2. Letter from the property owner or leasing agent giving you permission to install signage.
For Ground Signs:
1. Rendering of the proposed sign(s), including materials used for the monument structure.
2. Height and width of the monument structure.
3. Square footage of individual sign face(s) and total square footage of all faces combined.
4. Location and dimensions of street address numbers. Note: Please contact the Madison Fire Department @ (256)
772-3326 for specifications.
5. Dimensioned plot plan showing location of the proposed ground sign and distance to front and side property lines.
Note: If the location of the ground sign was approved with a site plan, you may use a copy of the “Approved for
Development” site plan. Ask the developer or property owner for a copy.
6. Footing detail. Note: Engineered footing required for all Interstate signs.
7. Electrical detail that shows the locations of the electrical service and the conduit to the sign. New or upgraded
electrical service may require a separate electrical permit.
8. Landscape plan showing a landscaped area, equal to or larger than the total sign area of the ground sign. Note: If
the landscaped area was approved with the site plan, you may use a copy of the “Approved for Development”
landscape plan. Ask the developer or property owner for a copy of the plan.
9. For electronic message centers, provide manufacturer’s specifications including:
a. Message transition time,
b. Default mechanism in case of sign malfunction (black screen or power off),
c. Automatic dimming verification based on ambient light,
d. Lumens at two closest property lines.
For Building Signs:
1. Rendering or photo of the proposed sign(s), including total square footage of the face(s)/channel letters.
2. Rendering or photo of primary building elevation (front of the building), showing the height and width dimensions, in
feet, as well as the total square footage of the front of the building.
3. Rendering or photo of the building showing the locations of all proposed signage and any existing signage.
4. Rendering or photo of the building, showing the location of any current signage that will remain.
5. Attachment detail that shows how the signage will be attached to the building
6. Electrical detail that shows the location of new or existing electrical service. New or upgraded electrical service will
require an electrical permit.
For City Department Use Only
_____ Photos of Building
_____ Rendering of Sign
_____ Permission Letter
_____ Attachment Detail
_____ Light Sensing Specifications
_____ Electrical Detail
_____ Footing Detail
_____ Engineered Footing
_____ Plot Plan
_____ Address Numbers
_____ Landscape Plan
_____ Wind Load Verification
Zoning District:
Historic District
Flood Zone
Site Plan on File
COA Case #/Date
Vacation of Easement/PUA
Variance Case #/date
Review Comments: