1. Apply for Admissions: (A complete admissions file is required prior to registration, and includes the
BCC Application for Admissions. (Complete each section)
Application Fee $30. (Non-refundable one-time fee)
Declaration of major form. (Page 5)
Official high school transcripts or official GED/HiSET Scores.
Immunization records for students born after 12/31/1956 (Must have 1
& 2
Official tribal certification of Indian blood (Only if you are an enrolled member or a descendent of a
federally recognized tribe.) (If applicable)
Official college transcript(s) from all colleges you have attended, if you intend to use previously earned
credit towards BCC graduation. Your transcripts need to be official and sent from the college directly to BCC
in a sealed envelope. (If applicable)
Recent High School/HiSET Graduates:
Fill out First Time First Semester Tuition waiver if you qualify
2. Assessment and Advising:
New, transfer and former students must attend student orientation.
Take a Accuplacer assessment with Student Success.
Meet with advisor to go over program of study and education planner.
3. Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships:
Financial Aid: Financial Aid Officer: 338-5441, extension 2245
Please apply and/or update your financial aid as soon as possible. Complete the Free Application for
Federal Student Aid (FASFA) www.FASFA.ED.GOV. Complete the form online or apply in person at the
BCC financial aid office. BCC’s school code is 014902.
Scholarships: Financial Aid Specialist (Ext. 2246)
BCC offers scholarships every fall and spring semester. For more information, please contact the financial
aid office.
Please return, fax or mail application to:
Post office: PO Box 819
Address: 504 SE Boundary ST
Location: Browning, MT 59417
Fax: (406) 338-3776
Web: www.bfcc.edu
Questions: Contact Admissions/Registrar Staff
Admissions: extension 2243
Registrar Assistant/Data Collection Technician: extension 2244
Registrar: 406-338-5421, extension 2248
Toll Free Number: 1-800-549-745
Blackfeet Community College
Admissions Application
Please Print Clearly
Personal Information
Student ID: _______________
*Full legal name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
*Name should reflect what is displayed on S.S. Card
Last First Middle Maiden Name (Previous Name)
Social Security Number: _ _ _ -_ _ - _ _ _ _ Date of Birth___/___/___ Gender: Male Female Birthplace: _____________
Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Physical Address ____________________________________________________________________________________
City ___________________State _________Zip __________________Country_____________________________
Email: ________________________Phone Number (___) _________________Cell Phone (___) ____________________
Emergency Contact Name: ____________________________________Phone Number (____) _____________________
Ethnicity Information
Are you a U.S. Citizen Yes No If not a U.S. Citizen were you granted permanent residency to the U.S. Yes No
What is your ethnicity? Hispanic or Latino Not Hispanic or Latino
If you selected Not Hispanic or Latino, please select all that apply:
American Indian or Alaska Native Asian
Black or African American Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Are you an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe? Yes No Census/Enrollment #: _______________________
Name and Location of tribe: ________________________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________State/Province: ___________________ Zip: ____________________________________
Are you a Descendant of an enrolled member Yes No
Residency Information
Are you a Montana resident? Yes No If No, what state are you a resident? ________________________________________
With whom do you make your permanent residence? ______________________ What is your relationship? ____________________
I am or will be a graduate of a Montana High School after completing my senior year of school. Yes No
I am a member of the Armed Forces of the United States assigned to active duty in Montana. Yes No
I am the spouse or dependent child of an individual who is a member of the Armed Forces of Yes No
the United States assigned to active duty in Montana.
Have you served in the military for a period of active duty longer than 180 days? Yes No
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Disability Information
If you have a disability and may require accommodations, please submit a confidential written request for disabilities accommodations.
Written documentation of the disability is required. All documentation will be confidential and used only in accordance with federal
regulations; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.
BCC Disabilities coordinator
Beaver Painted Lodge – Student Success Center
P.O. Box 819
Browning, Mt 59417
(406) 338-5421 Extension 2233
Safety and Security
(All applicants must answer these questions)
1. Have you ever been convicted of a felony (please include instance of deferred sentencing)? Yes No
A felony in Montana State Law is defined as a crime for which more than one year in prison may be imposed.
2. Have you been subjected to court-ordered confinement for threatening or causing physical or emotional injury to person or
property? Yes No
3. Have you ever been disciplined, suspended from, or placed on probation at any higher education institution for non-academic
reasons? Yes No
Suspension is defined as a sanction imposed for disciplinary reasons that result in a student leaving school for a fixed time period, less than
permanently. Dismissal from a college for disciplinary reasons is defined as a permanent separation from an institution of higher education based on
conduct or behavior.
4. Have you ever been required to register as a sexual or violent offender? Yes No
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, please provide an explanation with the application. Failure to do so will
delay the processing of your application. An affirmative response to any of these questions will not automatically prevent
admissions, but you will be asked by the College to provide additional information. Campus security will review this
information to ensure campus safety. Any falsification or omission of data may result in a denial of admission or
dismissal. To ensure adequate evaluation of your file, this application and all supporting documentation must be received
thirty days before the beginning of your enrollment term.
(Please note: this applies to only those who indicate “yes” to any of the above Safety & Security questions)
Blackfeet Community College invites all current and prospective students to read the Annual Campus Security and Safety
Report located on our website at
. All current and prospective students are required upon admission to the
college take a training in accordance with requirements of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and
Campus Crime Statistics Act.
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Academic History
Are you a first time first year student attending college? Yes No
A. High School
1. I have graduated Graduation date: _________________________
2. I will be graduating
Complete name of your high school: ___________________________________________
City/State: ______________________________________________________________________
1. I have received my GED/HiSET Official completion: ________________________
2. I will receive my GED/HiSET
Complete name of your GED/HiSET testing center: _______________________________________
City/State: __________________________________________________________________
C. College/University
1. Have you attended (registered) another college or university whether credit was earned or not? Yes No
If you have attended (registered) or are attending another college or university, please provide the following information for each
intuition. You are required to submit an official transcript for all institutions you have attended.
Name of 1
College: ______________________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _________________________
Dates of attendance: _____________________ Degree(s) earned: _________________________
Name of 2
College: _____________________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _________________________
Dates of attendance: _____________________ Degree(s) earned: _________________________
Name of 3
College: ______________________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _________________________
Dates of attendance: _____________________ Degree(s) earned: _________________________
Name of 4
College: _____________________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _________________________
Dates of attendance: _____________________ Degree(s) earned: _________________________
Were you ever suspended or dismissed for academic reasons from any of the institutions listed above? Yes No
Education Information
Term of Enrollment: Fall 20_____ Spring 20 _____ Summer 20 ____
BCC/Browning High School Dual Enrollment? Yes No if yes, please list terms attended _______________________________
Highest Degree completed None Certificate Associate Bachelor Masters Doctorate
Please indicate your educational goal:
Associate’s degree or Certificate (Indicate field of study) _______________________________ (See declaration of major form)
Non-degree seeking (not pursuing a degree, certificate or financial aid at this institution)
For personal/professional development
For transfer to another institution
For teacher certification
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2 + 2 Consortium Student List degree seeking ______________________ List home institution ____________________
Blackfeet Community College
Admissions Application
Please select only one program. If you are uncertain of which program to select, your advisor can assist you. (You must be
entered into a program of study to be eligible for Federal Financial Aid)
Associate of Arts Degree
AA – Addiction Studies
AA – Behavioral Health
AA – Psychology
AA – Social Work
AA – Liberal Studies
AA – Piikani Studies and Language
Other: ____________ Catalog year ___________
Associate of Science Degree
AS – Accounting
AS – Business Management
AS – Elementary Education
AS – Criminal Justice – Legal Studies
AS – Environmental Science
AS – Health Science
AS – Pre-Engineering
AS – Hydrology Technician – Pending Funding
AS – Nursing
Other: ____________ Catalog year ___________
Associate of Applied Science Degree
AAS – Early Childhood Education
Other: ____________ Catalog year ___________
One-Year Certificates/Endorsements
Behavioral Health Aide – 1-year certificate
Blackfeet Legal Studies – 1-year certificate
Early Childhood Development – 1-year certificate
Record Information Management – 1-year certificate
Agri-Business – 1-year certificate
Hydrology Technician Aide – Pending Funding
GIS/GPS – Pending Funding
Other: ____________ Catalog year ___________
_____________________________________ _____________________________________
Applicants complete legal signature Date
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Statistical Information
Providing the following information requested by this section is voluntary and the information provided is for statistical analysis only.
Gender: Male Female
Age Range: 18 - 25 26 - 36 37 - 50 51+
Marital Status: Married Single Divorced Widowed
Are you a Veteran: Yes No If yes, what branch did you serve? __________________ Dates of service _________________
Number of Dependents: ______________ Religious preference: ________________
Has either of your parents(s) or guardian(s) completed a bachelor’s degree? Yes No Unsure
Disclosure Information
In accordance with the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974, the Registrar informs students that the college may disclose
information from the educational record of a student who is or has been in attendance at Blackfeet Community College. The following
information is considered by the college to be public in nature: name, address, telephone number, year in school, major, scholarship(s)
awarded, degree(s) conferred, Honor(s) granted, dates attended
Students have the right to refuse to permit the college from disclosing the above information. This is an “all or nothing” policy. The student
may not select certain information or certain circumstances for non-disclosure. The student’s name will not appear on any lists released to
third parties, including honor rolls and will NOT receive emergency messages. Students must fill out a “FERPA Privacy Rights Request
Form” (from the Registrar’s Office) to refuse to permit the college to disclose the above information.
Media Release
I, the undersigned, consent and grant to Blackfeet Community College, and its designees all rights to use my name, portrait, picture,
photograph or likeness of same at its discretion for internal & external presentations and community development-related external
promotions for BCC without further notice to me. I hereby waive any inspection or approval of any internal presentations and/or external
community development related promotions in which my name/photos appears; I release BCC from any liability for any claim of visual
alteration, optical illusion or faulty mechanical reproduction. I hereby waive all legal claims to compensation or receipt of consideration
from the rights granted by this consent and further acknowledgement that this consent is valid. I warrant and represent that I am over the age
of eighteen and have given this consent voluntarily.
___________________________________________ _______________________________________
Applicants complete legal signature Date
Signature Verification
I, hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the foregoing information is true and complete without evasion or misrepresentation. I
understand that if it is later found otherwise, it is sufficient cause for rejection or dismissal. If my application for admission is approved, I
agree to abide by the present and future rules and regulations, both academic and non-academic, and the scholastic standards stated in the
catalog. I further acknowledge that if I fail to adhere to these regulations or meet these requirement, my registration may be canceled.
If I am admitted to BCC, I agree to pay all tuition, fees, fines and debts to the college that may be incurred by me, I understand that BCC
will take action against me to collect any unpaid debts, including withholding of registration, grades, transcripts, degree(s) and an
assignment of the debt for collection, and I will be responsible to pay any costs incurred to collect the debt.
___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________
Applicants complete legal signature Date
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