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Request to Purchase a Vehicle to be Added to the
University of Guelph Licensed Vehicle Fleet Form
Transportation Services, in consultation with the department will be responsible for the selection,
specification and procurement of any approved owned or leased licensed vehicle. All vehicle
procurements will be conducted according to University of Guelph, Financial Policy FI 18 – Purchasing
Policy, and University of Guelph Policy 1.2.25 – Licensed Vehicles.
Please complete the following, have the Dean, Director or Chair approve the request by signing in the
“Department/College Approval” section and submit the completed for to the Vice-President, Finance,
Administration and Risk.
Name __________________________________ Position _____________________________________
Phone Number_______________________ Email Address ___________________________________
Department/College ___________________________________________________________________
Please describe in detail the purpose(s) the vehicle will be used for.
2. How long do you expect to keep the vehicle?
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3. Specify the source of funding that will be used to purchase the vehicle i.e., research grant,
departmental operating funds, donation.
4. Specify the source of funds that will cover the costs of maintaining the vehicle on an
annual basis.
Department/College Approval of Request Signature:
__________________________________ ____________________________________
Name Printed Signature
Approval of Vice-President Finance, Administration and Risk:
__________________________________ ____________________________________
Name Printed Signature
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