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Rev. 4/20
City of Harker Heights
Planning & Development
305 Millers Crossing
Harker Heights, TX 76548
Phone: (254) 953-5600
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Current Street Address:
City: State: Zip:
Date of Birth: Driver's License State: Driver's License Number:
I hereby acknowledge and affirm that the information provided on this document is current and accurate. I
understand it will be utilized by the City of Harker Heights to conduct a criminal background check on me, and by
signature below, authorize the City of Harker Heights to conduct the criminal background check.
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Per Harker Heights Code of Ordinances Section 125.08 Permit Application
(A) A person who seeks a permit to operate a BYOB venue must submit an application to the
Director on a form provided by the Director. The application must include:
(1) The names, addresses, and birth dates of all persons who have ownership interest in, or who will
manage, the proposed BYOB venue;
(2) Authorization for the City to conduct a criminal background check on each person described in
paragraph (1)
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