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If you are unable to assemble all the documents and information necessary for us to prepare your tax
return by the tax deadline, we suggest that you allow us to electronically file an extension. Following
are the due dates and extended due dates for calendar year entities (12/31 year-end):
Entity Type Tax Form Due Date Extended Due Date
S Corporation 1120S 3/15 9/15
Partnership 1065 3/15 9/15
Trust / Estate 1041 4/15 9/30
We al
so must have a signed engagement letter for your S Corporation, Partnership, or Trust / Estate
before preparing an extension for that separate entity.
Please be aware that filing an extension of time to file for your business or trust/estate tax return does
not also extend the time to file your individual income tax return. A separate extension is required
for your individual income tax return.
To give your consent for us to e-file an extension on your behalf, please sign below where indicated.
I have read and understand the above and authorize you to e-file and extension for my current year
non-individual income tax return.
Signature Print Name Date
Print Business Name
Please return this form to us at your earliest convenience:
• via email (info@tucsontaxteam.com)
rough the portal (tucsontaxteam.com)
y FAX (520-777-7346)
y mail (6111 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712) or bring the signed form to our office.
Authorization to File an Extension of Time to File
your Business, Trust or Estate Income Tax Return