xpedited Grant Authorization Form
his form must be completed before developing or writing a grant proposal. Use this expedited form
for grants $10,000 or less
for grant-funded projects impacting no more than one Dean or Director
after informally discussing your grant proposal idea with the Grants Coordinator
Please complete the regular Grant Authorization Form if your proposal does not meet all of the above criteria.
ote: The intent of this form is to provide authorization to pursue exploration of a grant-funded project. It does
not provide final authorization to submit a grant proposal. Prior to submission, the Grants Coordinator must
review the grant proposal and confer with and obtain permission from Business Services.
son completing this form _______________________________________________________
Department / Program that will house the grant-funded project ____________________________
Name of the granting agency __
Estimated project budget ________________________________
Estimated grant amount ________________________________
Due date of grant proposal / application ________________________________
General description of project, including how it aligns with the college’s mission and strategic plan:
scal Impact
Grant period: From ___ to _____
For a multi-year grant, does the annual funding: __ increase, __ remain the same, or __ decrease?
Is Chemeketa required to assume the project/program costs after the grant period is over? __Yes __No
Are indirect or administrative costs allowed? ___Yes (percentage allowed: ______________) ___
Does the granting agency require matching funds from the college? __ Yes (amount: _ ) __No
her Information
me the physical location(s) where the project activities will occur ________________________
hat college equipment or facilities will be used during the project period?
hich outside agencies/partners are involved? What will they contribute to the success of the project?
Approval Required:
Executive Dean
Signature Date
his form approves authorization to pursue exploration of a grant-funded project. Please note it does not give
authority for submission of a grant proposal or application. Prior to submission of any grant proposal or
application, the Grants Coordinator must confer with and obtain approval from Business Services.
orm updated: April 24, 2019
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