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Section I: General Information (All elds must be completed)
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Section III: Billing Company Applicants
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Section II: Verication Point of Contact Information (All elds must be completed)
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Practice Information (All elds must be completed)
Please only register one time. You can add additional Tax IDs once your account has been created.
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* If the username is taken, Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) may add additional characters to complete the registration process.
Provider agrees that all health information, including that related to patient conditions and medical utilization available
through the portal or any other means will be used exclusively for patient care and other related purposes, only as permitted
by the HIPAA Privacy Rule or other more stringent applicable regulations. Registration is for an individual person. Sharing of
usernames/passwords is not permitted.
Please allow HNFS up to 10 business days to process this request. We will send a conrmation email once we have veried
your information and created your account. Once received, you must log in at within 60 days to
activate the account.
Provider Registration Form
Verify you have completed all required elds above, and sign and date prior to submitting to HNFS.