Financial Aid SAP Appeal Form
Student’s Name:
Student’s ID Number
Financial Aid Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress are established by the Department of Education to encourage students
to successfully complete courses and progress satisfactorily toward program completion. Pursuant to Federal regulations, students
denied financial aid due to unsatisfactory progress may use this form to appeal for reconsideration of financial aid eligibility, as
long as this happened as the result of extenuating (crisis) circumstances.
This appeal process requires that you:
Answer the following two questions on a separate sheet(s) of paper:
1. Provide an explanation of the circumstances that prevented you from meeting the SAP standards. You should address the
unsatisfactory performance for all terms that caused you to lose financial aid eligibility.
2. Describe the positive steps you are taking to ensure future success in attaining your academic goals. If you are meeting with
an academic advisor, tutor, or program advisor, or are attending any type of study skills sessions on a regular basis, please
indicate this.
Attach supporting documents that verify your situation. For example, attach medical bills for hospitalization or doctor’s
signed statements. Academic concerns should be documented by an academic advisor, program advisor, or instructor.
An Academic Advising Worksheet WILL be required with this appeal. After fully completing this form and your appeal
letter, take these with you to an Academic Advisor at the Ottumwa campus or a representative at the Centerville campus to
complete an Academic Advising Worksheet (the Academic Advising Worksheet is only attainable from these individuals). Upon
completion of the Academic Advising Worksheet, please submit all documentation to the OneStop at the appropriate campus.
this completed SAP Appeal Form and the required attachments to the appropriate OneStop office in its entirety.
Partial appeals will not be reviewed. Sap appeals must be submitted for review before the end of the term that is being
appealed. It is recommended that you submit your appeal prior to this term’s add/drop date. Note that your appeal results may
reach you after the full tuition and fees refund deadline, and you could be responsible for your full tuition payment/bill.
Please fill in the blanks and sign before returning:
1. I have read and understand the SAP Policy as published online at:
2. I am completing this appeal form so that I may be reconsidered for financial aid for the ________________ term.
: Appeals may only be reviewed for the current term until seven (7) days prior to the end of the term;
otherwise it will be reviewed for the following term.
3. When was the last time you attended IHCC (term and year)? _______________
4. Have you appealed your financial aid before?
5. Successful appeals allowing a term of financial aid eligibility are entirely at the discretion and professional judgment of the
SAP Committee in conjunction with the Financial Aid Director. The decision to hear and review this initial appeal’s finding
is solely at the discretion of the Financial Aid Director. Allow at least two weeks for a decision on all “SAP Appeals.
” An
accepted SAP Appeal will place the student on an Academic or Program Plan.
I attest that this information is true and accurate.
I understand that any falsified information will result in denial of this appeal form and incomplete
information will cause delays. I understand that only under extreme situations will more than one (1) appeal be approved and that without
sufficient documentation, the appeal will be automatically denied. I also acknowledge that I will receive the results of the appeal through my
IHCC email or via postal mail.
Student’s Signature Date
Please return this completed form with your Academic Advising Worksheet and supporting documents to Indian Hills Community College:
Fax: 641.683.5741│ Mail: IHCC Financial Aid Office, 525 Grandview Ave, Ottumwa, IA 52501
or bring to One Stop/Bennett Student Services Building
To Remain Eligible to Receive ANY and ALL of your FINANCIAL AID:
1. You must maintain a 2.0 (“C”) cumulative (overall) Grade Point Average, AND
2. You must maintain an overall credit completion rate (PACE) of at least 67%.
For example: You have completed 26 credit hours but have attempted 39 total credit hours.
26 credits completed/39 credits attempted = 67% (credit completion rate), AND
3. You must successfully complete (pass) these minimum requirements each term, AND
A Full-Time student (enrolled in 8 or more credit hours) must pass at least six credit hours.
A Three-Quarter-Time student (enrolled in 6 or 7 credit hours) must pass at least four credit hours.
A Half-Time student (enrolled in 4 or 5 credit hours) must pass at least three credit hours.
A Less-Than-Half-Time student (enrolled in 1, 2 or 3 credit hours) must pass at least two credit
hours (or 1 credit hour if initially enrolled for just 1 credit hour).
4. Per Federal regulations, you must complete your educational program in a reasonable length of time, which is
defined as no more than 150% of the credit hours required for graduation, regardless of major changes.
-Please be aware, incomplete grades are calculated as F’s until a grade change is received and processed by the
Financial Aid Oce; if you received an incomplete grade, your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status will
be reviewed again, once the grade change is received.
Failure to maintain ANY OF THE ABOVE will place you at: WARNING status for the next term enrolled. You can receive
aid while on SAP WARNING, but you have been warned that you are at risk for losing your eligibility for all Financial
Failure to maintain ANY OF THE ABOVE TWO terms in a row will place you in an: INELIGIBLE status for the next term
enrolled. You will receive NO AID for any future terms until you have fully maintained the above SAP requirements
Appeals are handled on a case-by-case basis, and the appropriate form can be obtained from a Financial Aid Advisor
or online at Successful appeals allowing a term of financial
aid eligibility are entirely at the discretion and professional judgment of the Financial Assistance Oce, in conjunction
with the Financial Aid Director.
The decision to hear and review this initial appeal’s finding is solely at the discretion of the Financial Aid Director.
Appeal determinants include: overall academic history and documentation of extenuating circumstances. Please note
that an Academic Plan Worksheet will be required with your appeal. An accepted SAP Appeal will place a student on
PROBATION status. Please refer to for full details on
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).