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Our Responsibilities
We will prepare your Federal and State tax returns based on information you provide. Services for
preparation of your return do not include auditing or verification of information provided by you.
Tax preparation fees are based on the forms and schedules needed to complete your return.
Additional charges apply for compilation of information, research of asset basis, NOLs, 1099s,
FIN CEN, and other domestic and foreign reporting forms.
Preparation fees cover limited assistance and consultation during the year; they do not include
audit representation, preparing materials to respond to correspondence from taxing authorities,
or complex tax projections.
Information you provide will be kept confidential. However, our discussions are not protected
by any form of attorney-client privilege. We cannot ignore the implications of any information
you provide in the process of preparing your return. If you file a joint return, there is no privacy
for or from your spouse in regard to our tax services.
We do not guarantee that the IRS or state taxing authority will timely accept your tax return if
filed within 5 days of the filing deadline.
Occasionally we make mistakes; please let us know if you received any letters from the
government. We correct returns at no cost if we are at fault, provided we are notified
immediately of any error. We are not responsible for paying any additional tax owed.
Taxpayer’s Responsibilities please initial each sentence.
___ Y
ou agree to provide us all income and deductible expense information.
___ You a
gree that you have written records of all items included on your return in the event of
an audit by the IRS or state taxing authority. We recommend you keep proof of deductions for a
minimum of 7 years.
___ Y
ou understand that signing the tax return constitutes your agreement with it.
___ F
ees must be paid before your tax return is delivered to you or filed for you. If you
terminate this engagement before completion, you agree to pay $150 per hour for work
completed. In some situations, a retainer may be required.
___ S
ome forms must be paper filed with taxing authorities; it is your responsibility to have any
mailings tracked to ensure proof of timely receipt.
___ Y
ou understand that we will automatically file an extension for you if all information
needed to complete your return has not been received by us by April 1
, 2020.
___ Y
ou understand that documentation is kept on the portal for no longer than one year; it is
your responsibility to download any portal information you need before we remove it.
___ Y
ou understand that we will provide simple tax planning at no additional cost between
May and October; complex tax planning and any tax planning required after November 1
be billed at our hourly rate of $150 per hour, minimum charge ½ hour.
Thank you for using Tucson Tax Team LLC for your tax preparation needs.
Clear communication is a key to a successful business relationship. The purpose of
this letter is to ensure we share an understanding of the services we provide.
1040 Engagement Letter Tax Year 2020
Tax Quest
o I/we had foreign income or assets, including foreign gifts or
foreign retirement accounts.
o I/we received, sold, sent, exchanged, or otherwise acquired any
financial interest in virtual currency during the year.
o I/we purchased or sold real estate during the year.
o I/we have refinanced or taken a home equity loan on my current home.
o I/we had health insurance through the Marketplace.
o I/we made estimated tax payments.
o I/we gave a gift in cash/property or forgave a loan of $15,000 or more
per individual during the year.
o Did you receive a stimulus check in 2020? If so, for how much?
o Did you receive a stimulus check in 2021? If so, for how much?
Please select from the following:
Write/receive checks Direct deposit/debit Apply to next year
If I owe tax:
For refunds:
Direct Deposit of
fund or
ebit for Payment of Tax
Routing # ________________________ Ac
count # _____________________________
Date for direct debit: __________________
By signing below, you acknowledge that you understand and accept your obligations and
responsibilities and you certify that the bank information provided above is correct. This agreement
is in effect for calendar year 2021 unless and until canceled by either party in writing.
____________________________ __________ ____________________________ __________
Client Signature Date Client Signature (if joint return) Date
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