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tatus Change Request Form
Please make sure to read and understand the requirements of the status to which you are changing. Status Change requests
are for current or future semesters. Retroactive changes will not be made.
Effective Term of Status Change.
Semester: Fall Spring Summer Year: 20____
Degree-seeking. Select one major on the second page.
By changing to degree-seeking status you are agreeing to:
Arrange for all official transcripts to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions.
For instructions on how to send transcripts go to
Current degree or certificate-seeking students that would like to change or declare a major different than was selected on the
admissions application must contact the Office of the Registrar.
Non-degree student
Will not be eligible for an official transfer credit evaluation and will not be eligible for financial aid,
scholarships and veterans’ assistance. Please contact Office of Financial Aid or Veteran Student
Services for further information.
Proof of pre-requisites might need to be provided to academic departments for registration purposes.
I affirm that I have read, understand, and agree to this form in its entirety and that the information supplied is true and complete.
Signature: Date:
Phone Number:
Date of Birth: Student ID Number:
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MSU Denver Office of Admissions
Student Success Building | Counter #1
Campus Box 16 PO Box 173362
Phone: 303-556-3058 | Fax: 720-778-5794 |
Status Change Request Form
Academic Major Select only one option: Multiple selections will result in an undeclared major classification
Exploratory, Undecided (UND)
Accounting (ACC)
Advanced Manufacturing Sci (AMS)
Africana Studies (AFS)
Anthropology (ANT)
Applied Geology (GELA)
Art Education BFA (ARTE)
Art (ART - BA)
Art History Theory & Criticism (ARTH - BA)
Athletic Training (ATP)
Aviation & Aerospace Mgt (AAM)
Aviation and Aerospace Science (ASC)
Banking (BNK)
Biochemistry (BCHM)
Biology (BIO - BA)
Biology (BIO - BS)
Brewery Operations (BRWO)
Broadcast Journalism (BJRN)
Business Intelligence (BIT)
Chemistry (CHE - BA)
Chemistry (CHE - BS)
Chicano Studies (CHS)
Civil Engineering Technology (CET)
Communication Design BFA (CDES)
Communication Studies (COMS)
Computer Engineering (CPE)
Computer Information Systems (CIN)
Computer Science (CS)
Construction Project Mgmt. (CPM)
Criminal Justice & Criminology (CJC)
Cybersecurity (CYB)
Dance (DANC)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Economics (ECO)
Education Pre-K–12, Undeclared (UNED/UNED)
Electrical Engineering Tech (EET)
Elementary Education (EDU)
English (ENG)
Entrepreneurship (ENT)
Environmental Engineering (EVE)
Environmental Science (ENV)
Event & Meeting Management (EVTM)
Exercise Science (EXS)
Extended Journalism & Media Prod. (EJMP)
Finance (FIN)
Fire & Emergency Response Adm (FERA)
Gender Women & Sexualities Studies (GWS)
Geography (GEG)
Geospatial Sciences (GSS)
Global Business Studies (GBS)
Health Care Info Systems (HCIS)
Health Care Management (HCM)
Health Care Professional Services (HCPS)
History (HIS)
Hospitality Leadership (HLDR)
Hotel Management (HTL)
Human Development, Family Studies (HDFS)
Human Nutrition - Dietetics (HND)
Human Services (HSP)
Industrial Design (IND - BS)
Integrative Healthcare (IHC)
International Business (IBM)
Journalism (JRN/TCM)
Lifestyle Medicine (LSM)
Linguistics (LIN)
Management (MGT)
Marketing (MKT)
Mathematics (MTH - BS)
Mechanical Engineering Tech (MET)
Media Production & Leadership (MPL)
Meteorology (MTR)
Modern Languages (MDL)
Music Ed, Bachelor of Music Ed (BME)
Music (MUS)
Music Bachelor of Music (MUS - BM)
Nursing, Undeclared (UNN)
Nutrition Science (HNS)
Philosophy (PHI)
Physical Education (K-12) (PETE)
Physics (PHY - BA)
Physics (PHY - BS)
Political Science (PSC)
Psychology (PSYC)
Public Relations (PR)
Social Work, Undeclared (UNSW/CPS)
Sociology (SOC)
Sound and Vision (SV)
Special Education (SPED)
Speech Language Hearing Science (SLHS)
Sport Management (SM)
Statistical Science (STA)
Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE)
Technical Writing & Editing (TWE)
Theatre (THE - BA)
Theatre, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Undeclared (UNTH)
Video Production (VP)