Scholarship Recipient Orientation 10/19/20
Dear Scholarship Recipient,
The Foundation is proud to be able to award scholarships to over 200 deserving students
attending Treasure Valley Community that total nearly $300,000 each year. The
scholarship you have received has been the result of the generous support from our
donors and contributors.
The TVCC Foundation continues to solicit funds from local businesses, organizations and
individuals to sustain our mission of
improving the quality of life for the students we
As a scholarship recipient, we are asking for your help in assisting the Foundation
with the Fund and Friend Raising that we do.
Below is a list of Foundation activities and events that we do throughout the year. Please
put a check by the ones that you might be able to volunteer some time to help with (you
can call with specific questions you have about these activities):
Be willing to speak at local civic or service club meetings
Assist with the Donor Reception in the spring
Help with Donor Events
Use of your thank you letter in Foundation Publications
Volunteer to help in the Foundation Office or at the Caldwell Campus
Work on Alumni Association
Help with community events on behalf of the Foundation
Thank you for your willingness to help the Foundation in raising friends and funds for
student scholarships, emergency assistance to students, program development and
support for capital projects.
Please return this form to the Foundation Office in the Science Center, or mail to the
TVCC Foundation, 650 College Blvd, Ontario, OR 97914. Call (541) 881-5585 or 5586
if you have any questions.
Name Student ID #
Best Contact Phone ( )
Best E-Mail Contact