Saint Mary's University
FGSR Research Committee
Grantee's Progress Report for the Year
In compliance with the Statement of Policy and Procedures of the FGSR Research Committee with regards to University
Internal Grants, it is a requirement of a grantee that a detailed report on the work accomplished with the aid of funds from
the Committee must be submitted to the Committee with any new application for funds or twelve months after the
grant award date.
A grant is usually made for a period of one year, but it may be extended for an additional year. However, this is possible
only if the grantee makes such a request in the annual report.
The report is in three parts. Part 1 is a short written summary of research accomplishments, Part 2 is a breakdown of
expenditure of the grant and Part 3 is a request for grant extension (if necessary).
Date Year Grant Received
Name of Grantee Department
Title of Project
Interim or final report of research accomplishments of your last FGSR University Grant project
Part 1 General Statement of Research Accomplishments
Do not write more than can be accommodated in the space below (1000 characters).
Part 2 Breakdown of Expenditure of Grant
Amount of Grant received $ __________
Travel (Destination) ____________ $ ___________
Living Expenses __________ days at $ __________ per day ___________
Student Assistants ___________
Other salaries ___________
Field trips ___________
Materials and supplies ___________
Other (please list items)
____________________ $__________
____________________ __________
____________________ __________ Total ___________
Equipment (please list)
____________________ $__________
____________________ __________
____________________ __________ Total ___________
Total Expenditure to date $ ___________
Unspent Balance as of ______________________ $ ___________
Part 3 Request for Grant extension (if necessary)
Please check appropriate box.
An extension of the unspent and uncommitted grant is
required for the purpose for which the grant was made.
An extension is not required and any unspent and
uncommitted balance should be refunded to the University .