Rev. 10/08 © 2008 Alabama State Bar
Request for Divorce Judgment by Default
(No minor children, no assets or debts for the Court to divide)
Case Number:
In the Circuit Court of (county): County, Alabama
In re the marriage of:
Plaintiff’s First and Last Name
(the person asking the Court for a divorce)
Defendant’s First and Last Name
(the other spouse)
Plaintiff’s Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
street city state zip
Read and sign below:
I swear that the following information is true:
I am the Plaintiff in this case.
I do not have a lawyer for this case.
My spouse (the Defendant) was served a copy of the Divorce Complaint on (date):
My spouse (check one): is is not in the military services.
My spouse is age 19 or older, and is competent.
My spouse did not appear in court or file any papers in this case by the 30-day deadline.
I ask the court clerk to enter a default, as allowed by Rule 55(a), Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure.
I also ask the Court to enter a default judgment as allowed by Rule 55(b), Alabama Rules of Civil
I ask the Court to:
Grant me and my spouse a divorce.
Order my spouse to pay court costs.
(Check if applicable.) Give me back my former name, which is:
first middle last
Sign here in front of the notary:
Notary fills out below—
Sworn to and subscribed before me, the undersigned authority,
(Print name of notary):
On this date:
Notary signs here Date notary’s commission expires
The Clerk fills out below—
The Clerk (name): , by:
hereby enters default against the Defendant on (date):
(Notary’s seal here)
/ /