Form 6729-P (Rev. 11-2018)
www.irs.govCatalog Number 66911A
Form 6729-P
(Novmeber 2018)
Partner Return Review Sheet
Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service
Date of review
Site name SIDN Reviewer's name
Instructions: Use this form to assess the accuracy of returns prepared at your site. A return is accurate when tax law is applied
correctly and the return is free from error based on the taxpayer interview, the supporting documentation, and the completed Form
13614-C, Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet. The measurement questions for determining if a return is accurate are in bold.
Ensure Form 13614-C is complete before beginning your review.
1 Were the necessary steps followed for the Intake/Interview & Quality Review Process for this
Yes No
2 What is the certification level needed for this return?
Basic Advanced Military Other
3 Were both the tax preparer and quality reviewer certified at the level required to prepare and
review this return?
Yes No
Label Yes No N/A Comments
4 Are all names on the return correct?
5 Is the taxpayer’s address on the return correct?
6 Are all SSN/ITINs on the return correct?
Filing Status Comments
7 What is the filing status on the return?
8 Is the filing status on the return correct?
Yes No - Should be Single No - Should be MFJ
No - Should be MFS No - Should be HOH No - Should be QW
Dependents Yes No N/A Comments
9 Is the taxpayer (and/or spouse, if applicable) identified correctly as
a dependent of someone else?
10 Are dependents identified correctly?
Income (Form 1040 & Schedule 1) Yes No N/A Comments
11 Are wages correct?
12 Is investment income (interest, dividend, capital gains) correct?
13 Is net business income correct?
14 Is retirement income (IRAs, pensions, annuities, social security
benefits) correct?
15 Is all other income from Schedule 1 correct?
Adjusted Gross Income (Schedule 1) Yes No N/A Comments
16 Are adjustments to income correct?
Deductions and Tax (Form 1040 & Schedules 2 & A) Yes No N/A Comments
17 Is the standard deduction correct?
18 Are itemized deductions correct?
19 Is the qualified business income deduction correct?
20 Is the tax correct?
dd mmm yyyy
Form 6729-P (Rev. 11-2018)
www.irs.govCatalog Number 66911A
Nonrefundable Credits (Form 1040 & Schedule 3) Yes No N/A Comments
21 Is the child tax credit and credit for dependents amount correct?
22 Is the credit for child and dependent care expenses correct?
23 Are the education credits correct?
24 Is the retirement savings contributions credit correct?
25 Are all other nonrefundable credits correct?
Other Taxes (Schedule 4) Yes No N/A Comments
26 Is the self-employment tax correct?
27 Is the tax on unreported social security and Medicare tax correct?
28 Is the additional tax on IRA or other qualified retirement plan
distributions correct?
29 Is the repayment of first-time homebuyer credit correct?
30 Is the health care: individual responsibility payment correct?
31 Are all other taxes correct?
Payments (Form 1040 & Schedule 5) Yes No N/A Comments
32 Is the federal withholding correct?
33 Is the earned income credit (Sch EIC) correct?
34 Is the additional child tax credit (Sch 8812) correct?
35 Is the refundable American opportunity credit (Form 8863) correct?
36 Are the estimated tax payments correct?
37 Is the net premium tax credit (Form 8962) correct?
38 Are all other payments correct?
39 Are the bank routing number, account number and account type correct?
(Direct deposit or bank draft)
Accuracy of Return Yes No N/A Comments
40 Based on the information provided, was an accurate return prepared? A No answer for any bold question
means the return is considered
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