Form 5-5521
OMB No. 1076-0157
Expires: 3/31/2023
Range Unit:
Permit C. #:
I/We, ______________________________________, Permittee(s) on Range Unit No. ____________ on
the __________________________________ Reservation for the period beginning ___/___/______, and
ending ___/___/______, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the lands described on the table below are within
or adjacent to the subject range unit, are owned or legally encumbered by me/us for grazing purposes,
and will be used in common with the lands covered by my/our grazing permit on the cited range unit.
Land Type*
Land Description
* Leased Indian Trust, Leased Federal/State, Leased Private, Permittee Owned.
Application is hereby made for an On-and-Off Grazing Permit in accordance with the regulations at 25
CFR 166.308. I/We certify that I/We have signed a Conservation Plan that includes the use of adjacent
trust or non-trust rangelands not covered by the permit to be used in common with permitted lands.
IT IS UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED that the Superintendent will establish the maximum allowable
stocking of all lands to be grazed in common on the range unit.
_______________________________________________(Permittee) ____/____/________
I approve this On-and-Off Grazing Permit and authorize the harvest of _______ AUMS from the above-
described lands through: ____ an increase in the number of animals; ____ a longer season of use.
_______________________________________________(Superintendent) ____/____/________
Permittee Accept:
_______________________________________________(Permittee) ____/____/________
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