Catalog Number 71764J
15086 (9-2018)
Form 15086
(September 2018)
Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service
Offer in Compromise Public Inspection File Request
Identify the Accepted Offer in Compromise (e.g. offer number, name, state) as specifically as possible below.
I request the form(s) be sent to me: (check one)
Mail to address below Fax to:
Provide your name, address and phone number below:
Address City
State Zip code
Daytime telephone number (required)
Requestor information:
Personal - I am requesting this information for personal reasons
Representative - I am requesting this information on behalf of a client
Fax or mail your completed request form to the fax number or address below:
Fax number: 855-286-3809 (preferred method)
Mail: IRS PIF Request
Offer in Compromise, Mail Stop 880
5333 Getwell Road
Memphis, TN 38118
To avoid processing delays, fax or mail only one request to the IRS office. Allow 15 business days for response. Allow 20 business
days if mailed.
IRS Use Only:
Date completed
dd mmm yyyy
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