Office Ally submits electronically t
o a vast number of payers (our Payer Lists are available on our website under
Resource Center: Payer Lists), but in some cases there are payers that we have not yet connected to or certain
lines of business that have not yet been added. Please use this form to request a payer (or additional line of
business for an existing payer) be added to our payer list. Complete the below fields and email the form back to
us at Once we receive this form, we will review the information and look into whether
a connection with the requested payer is possible. Forms lacking required information will not be considered.
Connection to the payer requested is not guaranteed.
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Monthly Claim Volume:
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Professional I
nstitutional Dental
l Time Eligibility (270/271) Real Time Claim Status (276/277)
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Payer Address:
onal Notes
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