MV-843 (8/17)
To transfer ownership of a motor vehicle when the owner is deceased, please bring or mail all the following checked
items to a Motor Vehicles office:
o MV-82 (Vehicle Registration/Title Application ) — Completed and signed by the new owner.
o Proof of Name and Date of Birth — Please refer to form ID-82 for identification requirements.
If you are mailing the application, please send ONLY photocopies. If you go to the office, you must present the
o Original Proof of Ownership (Certificate of Title or Transferable Registration), in the Name of
the Deceased — This must
be the most recently issued title or transferable registration (not a photocopy). Be
sure to complete Section 1 (Transfer by Owner) on the back of the Certificate of Title, including the odometer
and salvage disclosure statements.
l If you cannot locate the title, STOP! You must apply for and receive a duplicate title in the name of the
deceased before transferring ownership. Use form MV-902 (Application for Duplicate Title). Read and
follow the directions in the “Owner Deceased” section located in Section 4 on the back of MV-902. Bring
all paperwork to your local Motor Vehicles office, or if you are unable to visit a New York Motor Vehicles
office, mail the application with required supporting documents to:
Department of Motor Vehicles
Title Bureau
PO Box 2750
Albany New York 12220-0750
o Lien Release — If a loan has been paid off on the vehicle, the original lien release from the lienholder is
so the lien can be removed from the title. Liens do not prevent registration; however, if a lien release is
not provided to DMV, the lien will appear on the new title document.
o One of the following is required, along with the transferred Certificate of Title or Transferable Registration:
l MV-349 (Transfer of Vehicle Registered in Name of Deceased Person) This form is used
only by next of kin. The value of the one vehicle cannot be more than $25,000.
l MV-349.1 (Affidavit for Transfer of Motor Vehicle) This form is used by the surviving spouse or
a minor child under 21 years of age. The value of the one vehicle cannot be more than $25,000 (see form
for exceptions).
* Copy of the Death Certificate A copy of the death certificate or a certification of death must
be provided whenever the owner of the vehicle (that is, the person whose name is printed on the
Certificate of Title or transferable registration) is deceased and the new owner is presenting form
MV-349 or MV-349.1. A photocopy is acceptable.
l Letters Testamentary from the executor of an estate (a photocopy is acceptable).
l Letters of Administration from the administrator of an estate (a photocopy is acceptable).
l Affidavit from the Voluntary Administrator of an estate (a photocopy is acceptable).
See Page 2
o Proof of Sales Tax:
o DTF-802 (Statement of Transaction) — Use this form if you have to pay sales tax or if the vehicle was
given as a gift. Please be sure that the person who sells/gives you the vehicle signs the back of this form
(Seller/Donor Section).
o DTF-803 (Claim for Sales and Use Tax Exemption) — Use this form only if sales tax does NOT have
to be paid for one of the reasons listed on the form.
o FS-6T (Universal Receipt) This form is obtained from a Motor Vehicles office and is required when
mailing forms to Title Bureau.
o New York State Insurance Card — Must be in the exact name of the person who is now registering this
vehicle (example: middle initials, Jr. or Sr. must be included). The insurance must be in effect at the time of
Title Fee $50.00
Plate Fees
No charge — Transfer of decedent’s plates.* New registration document in the surviving spouse’s
name will be valid until the current registration expires.
$10.00 Surviving spouse transferring his or her existing plates and, in addition, a fee for any
difference in weight of vehicles.
$25.00 Surviving spouse obtaining new plates and, in addition, a 2-year registration fee.
*You may not transfer “custom” or “personalized” plates unless you apply through the Custom Plates
Unit in Albany. Call 518-402-4838.
Title Fee
Plate Fees
$10.00 Transfer of plates fee (for your existing plates) and, in addition, a fee for any
difference in weight of vehicles.
$25.00 New plate fee and, in addition, a 2-year registration fee.
The fee information is intended to give you some idea of how much you will have to pay to transfer ownership of the
vehicle. Please make your check payable to the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles”, BUT DO NOT FILL IN THE
DOLLAR AMOUNT OF THE CHECK. The exact amount will be calculated by staff at the Motor Vehicles office.
MV-843 (8/17)