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Submission Deadline: June 4, 2021
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announces the 2021 Road Safety Art
Contest. This annual competition encourages students to use their creativity and talent to raise
awareness of how to stay safe on our roads around large trucks and buses. This year, the contest
is open to four groups spanning grades K-12, with new creative submission categories.
Inspiration: Students can view samples and learn more about large trucks and buses at the
FMCSA Kid Zone (www.fmcsa.dot.gov/KidZone) and Teen Zone (www.fmcsa.dot.gov/TeenZone).
Winning artwork will best depict through original creativity how all road users—from cars, to bikers,
to pedestrianscan stay safe around large trucks and buses, by staying aware of their big blind spots,
long stopping distance, and wide turns.
Students must be in the grade categories below
as of June 4, 2021. For example, a student who
is completing 5th grade in June would be part
of Category 1.
Elementary and Middle School Students:
Category 1: Grades K-5
Category 2: Grades 6-8
High School Students:
Category 3: Grades 9-10
Category 4: Grades 11-12
All submissions must adhere to the Contest Rules
on Page 2 to be eligible.
Elementary and Middle School Students
(Categories 1 and 2):
Hand-Drawn Art: Crayon, colored pencil,
marker, paint, etc.
Digital Art: Graphic design, digital drawing, etc.
Craft: Handmade items such as a collage,
diorama, etc.
High School Students (Categories 3 and 4):
Video: Spoken message, song, dance, skit, etc.
(No more than 30 seconds long.)
Digital Art: Graphic design, digital painting, etc.
Hand-Drawn Art: Crayon, colored pencil,
marker, paint, etc.
Photo: Captured with phone or digital camera.
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FMCSA will announce twelve total winners
in Fall 2021. FMCSA judges will determine one
Grand Prize winner and one Honorable Mention
winner for each of the four contest categories.
Additionally, a new vote through the Our Roads,
Our Safety Facebook page will determine one
Peoples Choice winner for each of the four
contest categories.
Winners will receive:
Inclusion in a Winner Announcement Video
Recognition on FMCSAs Kid Zone and Teen Zone
A framed copy of the winning work
An award certificate
Inclusion in the 2022 Road Safety Art Contest Calendar
1. Entry deadline is June 4, 2021. FMCSA will officially announce winners via the FMCSA website and
social media in fall 2021.
2. Artwork must include imagery or references to large trucks and/or buses. Including cars, motorcycles,
bicycles, or pedestrians is also encouraged. Seat belt usage for all people pictured in vehicles is mandatory.
Artwork should not depict crashes and injuries; safety messages should be kept positive.
3. Each student can submit only one entry.
4. A parent or guardian must complete and sign the entry form. Submissions must be horizontal (landscape)
in layout or orientation; vertical layouts will not be accepted.
5. The student must produce the artwork without assistance from anyone else. The entry must be original. It
cannot be a copy or modification of another work, such as a picture that is copied and then colored.
6. Submissions must not include any copyrighted logos and brands.
7. Software or online programs may be used to assemble/edit an entry, however, the entry must be primarily
generated by the student’s own creativity and concept.
Additional Rules for Video and Photo Entries
8. Physical safety is mandatory when capturing video or photos. Content must not be captured while
operating a vehicle; riding a bicycle, scooter, or skateboard; or in any other dangerous situations.
9. Video submissions from a group are permitted. An entry form signed by the parent/guardian of each
student in the group must be submitted. No person outside the student group can provide any assistance.
10. Video or photo submissions must not include any copyrighted material (such as copyrighted music, video
clips, stock images, logos, or brands).
1. Email submissions to fmcsa.outreach@dot.gov. Subject line must read: “2021 Road Safety Art Contest
Submission: [Student’s First and Last Name].
2. All non-video entries must be submitted as a high-resolution photo or scan. Accepted file types include
JPG, PNG, or PDF and must not exceed 10MB. For all video entries and non-video entries larger
than 10MB, please submit via email with a file sharing link. Be sure to include the email subject line
regardless of entry type.
3. The completed and signed entry form must be attached to the email. Digital signatures are acceptable,
or the parent/guardian may print, sign, scan and email the form.
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For video group submissions, a signed entry form is required for each student in the group.
Student Name: Student Age: Student Grade:
Teachers Name, if applicable:
School Name:
School Address:
School City: School State: School Zip:
How did you learn about the contest?
Does this submission include copyrighted material? (Yes / No)
Note: Submissions containing copyrighted logos, music, or video clips will be disqualified.
By entering the art contest, each participant and his or her parent, guardian and/or legal representative
warrant that the submission is the participant’s original work. They consent to the use of the entrant’s
first and last name, artwork, grade, city and state on the 2022 Road Safety Calendar and other related
promotional items without further permission, compensation or approval. Original artwork submitted
becomes the property of the art contest sponsors. Participants assign all copyright, trademarks and other
intellectual property rights related to their entries to the art contest sponsors and previously mentioned
agencies including, but not limited to, the U.S. Department of Transportation. In consideration for the
participation in this art contest, participants and their parents, guardians, and/or legal representatives
release, discharge, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the U.S. Department of Transportation and
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, their employees, officers, directors, agents,
and partners from all claims, damages, demands, obligations, or losses of any kind related to this art
contest. All communications regarding the art contest, including announcement of winners, will be sent to
the artists’ parent, guardian and/or legal representative. Please provide all the information below.
Parent/Guardian Name:
Parent/Guardian Signature:
Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip:
Parent/Guardian Email:
Parent/Guardian Phone:
For more information, visit our Kid Zone webpage: www.fmcsa.dot.gov/KidZone and our Teen Zone
webpage: www.fmcsa.dot.gov/TeenZone. For questions, please contact fmcsa.outreach@dot.gov.
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