Moving your water meter is no
ordinary piece of DIY. It’s a precise job
that has to follow certain rules to keep
everything owing smoothly.
This leaet explains all the dos and don’ts. It also
contains an application form which you need to
return to us.
Remember, it’s illegal to tamper with a water meter,
or move it without our permission, so please don’t
get started until we’ve given you the nod!
Your options in a nutshell:
It’s sometimes possible to get a private plumber to
move your meter. On other occasions, we may insist
on doing the work. It all depends on where the
meter is currently located, and where you want to
move it to.
Here are the options:
If your water meter is inside your home, and
you want to move it to another position inside
your home, you can either ask us to move it, or
arrange for a water industry approved plumber to
move it for you.
If your water meter is outside, and you want to
move it inside, the work must be done by United
If you want to move a meter from inside your
home to an outside location, this is also a job for
us, not a private plumber.
Whatever your needs, before you do anything
else, please don’t forget to complete the form
included with this leaet, enclosing a cheque for
the appropriate amount.
Getting your plumber to do the work
If you decide to use a plumber to move your meter
from one internal position to another, we will need
to inspect the job when it’s completed to make sure
everything is still working ne. Once we are happy
with the work, we’ll reseal the meter, so that it’s good
to go.
We charge a modest fee for this inspection (see table
on the next page for more details) which has to be
paid in advance.
If the work is not up to scratch (e.g. the meter has
been moved to an unsuitable location, it can’t be
easily read, has been installed the wrong way round,
or has been damaged) we’ll advise you on what
needs to be done. We’ll try to resolve any problems
there and then, but if further work is needed, we
may need to charge you.
Please be aware that if there is a leak while your
plumber is working on the meter, we are not liable
for any damage incurred – so it’s vital you employ
someone with the right credentials and experience.
No one wants the headache and expense of a soggy
To nd your nearest water industry approved
plumber please visit
The key rules
Any accredited plumber should be familiar with
the key dos and don’ts of moving a meter from one
internal location to another.
For the record, here are the ten key rules:
Your meter must be positioned where it will
measure all the water being used in your home.
It needs to be placed as closely as possible to the
incoming supply pipe.
The meter and stop tap must be easily accessible
for maintenance and reading. The meter should
never be completely boxed in, and enough space
must be left around the meter to allow it to be
replaced. All our water meters will need replacing
eventually – nothing lasts forever!
The meter face should be visible at all times so we
can read it easily, and so can you.
The meter must be installed with the directional
arrow (stamped on the side of the meter) facing
the directional ow of water into the property.
Don’t remove your meter from its old position until
the new meter position is ready. An obvious one,
but worth mentioning!
Only use standard compression ttings to install
the meter.
The water meter and adjacent pipework must
not be exposed to any source of heat (e.g. a blow
torch) which could damage the internal workings
of the meter or we may end up charging you for a
new meter.
All pipework must be clean and free from copper
lings before the meter is installed. Any lings
or other particles getting into the water pipe can
damage the meter and may also damage other
ttings in your home.
If the meter is being moved from inside your home
to an outside location, or from outside to inside,
United Utilities must do all the work. This is NOT a
job for a private plumber!
This installation must be done according to the
diagram shown on the following page.
Relocating your household water
meter 2021/2022
United Utilities Metering,
PO BOX 453,
WA55 1SE
0345 672 2999
Opening hours: 8am - 8pm
Mon to Fri; 8am - 4pm Sat
For further
Stop valve
Servicing valve
Drain tap
Water Reg. G11.4
To be installed at lowest point
on pipework after meter
Ear th
300mm minimum length between
stop valve outlet and servicing valve inlet
Water meter must
be installed with
directional arrow
pointing from
inlet to outlet
Inlet 15mm/22mm
copper pipe
Outside work
If your relocation plans require any outside work at all (e.g. moving
a meter from inside to outside, or outside to inside), the whole
project must be handled by United Utilities.
We’ll carry out a survey before getting work underway, to nd a
suitable location for your meter.
As part of the service, we’ll check that there are no sneaky leaks
on your underground supply pipe (the pipe that connects your
home to the public water mains) so that you don’t end up paying
for wasted water.
Meter defeater
Occasionally, it may not be possible to move your meter. For
example, if you want your meter moving outside but your
property is served by a water supply pipe that also feeds several
neighbouring properties, we may have to deliver an apologetic
In these circumstances, we will write to you to let you know if
there are any other options available. Any payments that you have
already submitted, excluding the survey fee, will be refunded if
your meter cannot be moved.
This table shows our charges (including VAT) for helping you move
your meter. Remember, even if you are getting a private plumber
to do the work, we will still need to inspect the nished job – for
which we charge.
A helping hand for customers with additional
We have a scheme which provides support for customers
who have diculties with everyday tasks, due to inrmity or
disability. We can help with everything from reading a water bill to
answering the door to ocials.
If you are registered for our Priority Services scheme and have a
water meter, we may be able to move it from outside to inside your
home for free – depending on your circumstances.
Please call us on 0345 672 2888 to nd out more.
What to do next
Please complete the application form overleaf – it only takes a few
You’ll see that the form asks for some basic details about your
water meter, and for conrmation of who you want to do the
work (United Utilities or a private plumber). It also reminds you to
enclose a cheque for the relevant amount or to request a call back
for us to take payment over the phone.
Once we’ve received your form and payment, we will write with
conrmation that the relocation can go ahead. If our engineers are
to do the work, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and
time for the initial survey.
If you’re struggling to complete the form, or have a question that
is not covered in this leaet, please do give us a ring on
0345 672 2999.
Meter location From Meter location To Survey fee Relocation fee Inspection fee
Internal New internal position (relocated by your plumber) n/a n/a £80.78*
Internal or external New internal position (relocated by us) £80.78* £244.68* n/a
New external location at property boundary
(must be relocated by us)
£80.78* £659.28* n /a
New external location in boundary box
(must be relocated by us)
£80.78* £539.96* n/a
New external location in a existing boundary box
(must be relocated by us)
£80.78* £194.45* n/a
*All prices quoted include VAT at the standard rate and are correct as at 1st April 2021.
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&~Ing life f\oW smoothly
elocating your household water
meter application form 2
Please ll in the application form and return it to us. Remember to enclose a cheque made payable to
United Utilities for the survey or inspection fee.
Title (please tick)
Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other (please state)
Full name
(including postcode)
Daytime telephone number
Evening telephone number
Mobile telephone number
Customer account number
(shown on top of your bill)
Water meter serial number
(if visible, this can be found on
top of the meter)
Meter reading
(use black/white digits only)
Date of reading D D M M Y Y Y Y
Where is the water meter
currently tted?
Internal (inside your property) External (outside your property)
Where do you want the water
meter to be moved to?
Internal (inside your property) External (outside your property)
Please note:
Water meters cannot be moved from outside your property to inside unless the conditions we
specify are met
We must carry out all the work on your water meter if it is tted outside your property
Please tick ONE box:
I would like United Utilities to carry out the work to move my water meter. I enclose a cheque for £80.78 for the meter relocation
survey and I understand th
at it may not always be possible for a water meter to be moved and that the fee is non-refundable.
I request permission to have my water meter relocated privately. I understand that this is subject to the work being inspected by
United Utilities and that I may be charged if remedial work is required. I enclose a cheque for £80.78 for United Utilities to
inspect the water meter once it has been moved. I understand that the fee is non-refundable.
I would like to make payment by debit or credit card and I want you to call me to take the payment.
For oce use only
Work order
Please return this form to: United Utilities Metering, PO BOX 453, Warrington, WA55 1SE.
Print name
click to sign
click to edit
Are you moving the
water meter yourself?
Complete and return the
application form. The survey fee of
£80.78 can be paid by cheque or
by phone.
We will survey the water meter
and advise you if the water meter
can be moved and where it can be
moved to.
We will send you an acceptance
note and details of the exact cost
of the work.
Complete and return the
acceptance note. Enclose the
payment for the relocation via
cheque or pay this over the phone.
We will make an appointment to
move the water meter.
Complete and return the
application form and inspection
fee of £80.78
Call us on 0345 672 2999
when the work is complete.
We will inspect the water meter
and let you know if any remedial
work is required.
(internal to
internal only)
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