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Revised Summer 2020
Master of Science in Education
in Early Childhood
Last Na
me _____________________________________ First Name ___________________________ Middle________________
Preferred First Name _________________ Name on previous records ___________________________ Date of Birth ___________
Gender Female Male Student ID ________________________________
Best Email Address ____________________________________________ Best Phone Number _________________________
Home mailing address
Program Preference
Preferred semester to start your graduate program: ______________
Pace: I prefer to complete the program in
**2 years
3 years 4 years
* Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and will be considered when complete. Students may enroll in some courses as a non-
matriculated student prior to acceptance into the program. Course availability and program enrollment may dictate pacing options
**Only available for applicants starting in the Summer or Fall of odd years.
Country of
Birth: ________________________________________________________ Are you a US citizen? Yes No
If you are a US Permanent Resident, indicate alien registration number and submit a copy (front & back) of your Permanent Resident
Card. A#
l) Universities are asked by the federal government, accrediting associations, and college guides, among others, to describe
the racial/ethnic backgrounds of our students. To fulfill these requests, we ask you to answer the following questions:
Language(s) spoken at home ________________________________ Are you of Franco-American heritage? Yes No
Please indicate if you are Hispanic/Latino Yes No
Please select one or more of the following racial categories to describe yourself: American Indian or Alaska Native
Asian Black or African American Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander White Other
For Office Use Only
Date Received: ___________ Application
___________ Application Essay ___________ Supplemental Essay
___________ Official undergraduate transcript
___________ For consideration of transfer credits, official graduate transcripts and syllabi _______ _______ _______
___________ Criminal History ___________ Recommendation 1 ___________ Recommendation 2
Preferred start Date _________________ Pacing (2, 3 or 4 year)____________________________________________________
Application Due Dates*
August 10 for September
January 5 for January
April 10 for May
Division of Graduate and Continuing Education 111 South Street Farmington, ME 04938 | gradstudies@maine.edu | Fax 207-778-8134
Revised Summer 2020
Where did you receive your baccalaureate degree?
Institution ________________________________________ Degree In _________________________________
Have you taken graduate level courses that you would like to submit for transfer into your concentration? Yes No
Only graduate courses in which you received a 3.0 or above and were taken in the last five years from a regionally accredited
institution will be considered for transfer.
titution ________________________Course ___________________________________ Grade____ Date Completed _________
Institution ________________________Course ___________________________________ Grade____ Date Completed _________
Institution ________________________Course ___________________________________ Grade____ Date Completed _________
Please provide official transcripts (undergraduate and graduate) from all the above institutions, as well as syllabi for the graduate
courses listed above. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the above institutions to the Office of Graduate Studies. This
office will obtain all UM System school transcripts (UMA, UMF, UMFK, UMM, UM, UMPI, and USM).
Experience in Education
Number of years in early childhood education ______
Dates of
Type of Program Position
Ages of children
Check All that Apply
0-3 3-5 5-8 8+
0-3 3-5 5-8 8+
0-3 3-5 5-8 8+
Do you hold a current Maine Department of Education teaching certificate? Yes No
My endorsements are in the following areas ___________________________________________
Division of Graduate and Continuing Education 111 South Street Farmington, ME 04938 | gradstudies@maine.edu | Fax 207-778-8134
Revised Summer 2020
Background Check
Most courses require some direct contact with children, through observations, projects, and/or research. It is the responsibility of the
student to have a clear criminal history and child abuse and neglect check. Students must provide current documentation to the Office
of Graduate Studies. Any fee is the responsibility of the student. Documentation may be:
Please check which you are submitting with your application
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Maine Department of Health and Human Services
clear check of substantiated Maine Child Protective
Services Cases (this check must be initiated by the
agency where you are employed)
Maine State Bureau Identification Maine Criminal
History Check (this check can be obtained on your
Copy of current Maine
DOE public teaching
certification that indicates
a Criminal History Check
has been conducted
Copy of Initial
Educational Approval
from Maine DOE that
indicates a Criminal
History Check has been
Two recommendation forms are required:
One fro
m current administrator, program director, or program owner. If you are a director or owner, include a
recommendation form from an early childhood professional colleague
One from a
professional colleague
Application Essay
Applicants must submit an essay that will be reviewed by the Graduate Admission Committee to evaluate your ability to organize your
thoughts and write clearly, correctly, and creatively at a level required for graduate study. We consider your essay an important piece
of information to help us make a decision. Essay will be evaluated for content and professional writing style, grammar, spelling, and
vocabulary. 500 word limit. Please address all topics.
a. Self Assessment: Analyze the strengths, including career and leadership experience, that will contribute to your success in
UMF’s master’s program. Articulate the knowledge and skills you wish to develop further.
b. Vision and Values: Describe your vision of high quality early childhood education in today’s world and the values that
guide your work with young children and the families.
Supplemental Essay: Required if BA/BS is not in Early Childhood or closely related field
Applicants who did not complete an undergraduate degree in early childhood or a closely related field (i.e. child development, early
childhood special education, human development) must submit an additional essay in response to the following prompts. 500 word
limit. Please address all topics.
a. Describe a clear rationale for relevant preparation to enter an early childhood program at an advanced level of study (such as
foundational knowledge and/or knowledge of current issues in the field)
b. Summarize your work experience with children and families in birth to age eight programs.
Application Fee
Your application will not be considered complete until the program office receives the $60 application fee. A check, money order, or
purchase order from your school district must be made out to the University of Maine at Farmington.