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In order to best determine and improve the College’s success in meeting its Mission, evaluation of all faculty
members of Southern Union will occur on an annual basis from August 1 to July 31. The purpose of the annual
evaluation is to maintain high educational standards in all areas, monitor and improve instruction, and provide
for professional growth that enhances learning.
The evaluation instrument should:
1. Provide an accurate, fair, and objective method for evaluation of all faculty members
2. Recognize the strengths of the individual faculty member with regards to knowledge and
3. Encourage professional development and educational growth that strengthens performance
and enhances student learning.
4. Identify opportunities for individual faculty growth by providing a means of support and
development of procedures or training in order to enhance student learning.
5. Recognize professional, educational, and community involvement by the faculty that enhances
the College and its ability to serve the students and the community.
6. Allow faculty members to document their achievements, set goals, express concerns, and
respond to their evaluation in a timely manner.
7. Provide a documented history of the faculty member’s performance and managerial skills as
they relate to the job description for that faculty member.
8. Reflect the evaluation process as a cooperative effort and an evolving process for the
betterment of students, faculty, and the entire College.
Evaluation Criteria:
Meets Expectations: This rating indicates the person is meeting all of the required functions of the category
being evaluated. This is the standard and represents a positive evaluation.|
Needs Improvement: The employee is not meeting the standard required functions of the category being
evaluated. This is below standard. This rating requires a written explanation by the Evaluator.
Exceeds Expectations: This rating shows exceptional achievement above and beyond the job description. This
rating requires a written explanation by the employee or Evaluator.
Does Not Apply: Refers to a job, activity, or category that this individual is not expected to or required to
accomplish, and is not part of the job description. This rating does not imply a negative rating.
Instructor: Date:
Department: Department Chair:
Instructors are important to Southern Union State Community College in terms of successfully
fulfilling the needs of the community through quality instruction. Please note that part-time
faculty are recommended for hire and rehire on the basis of need, teaching performance,
teaching-related and professional qualifications related to the teaching field.
Teaching Evaluation
Supervisor or Designee for Classroom Observation Name:
Did Not
1. Defines objectives for class/lab presentation.
2. Checks attendance.
3. Begins and ends class on time.
4. Briefly reviews the last class session.
5. Demonstrates control of the class.
6. Is prepared for the class session.
7. Presents material in a clear, understandable manner.
8. Demonstrates command of the subject matter.
9. Encourages students to ask questions and responds in an
appropriate manner.
10. Engages students in the learning process by using a
variety of teaching methods.
11. Encourages critical thinking and analysis.
12. Checks students’ understanding of class outcomes.
Comments: (add additional sheet or use the space at the end of this document if needed)
Teaching-Related Duties These duties listed below are essential duties performed by instructors to
effectively meet the instructional needs of the campus and its students.
Requirement Met
Not Met
Syllabi in accordance with SUSCC specifications
Faculty member meets departmental policies and processes for
instructional outcomes.
Uses learning management system to upload course syllabi,
document grades, and maintain an introductory page.
Uses electronic resources to meet administrative record keeping and
deadlines regarding student attendance (e.g. Financial Aid
verification), as well as submitting alerts, final grades, and other
appropriate notifications.
Uses institutional email for accessing departmental and institutional
Notifies appropriate Dean/Department Chair in advance of class
III. Student Evaluations Student evaluations are used by SUSCC to assist in maintaining the quality of
education. (Attach student evaluation comments for support as needed.)
My signature below acknowledges that I have read and discussed my evaluation with my supervisor. My
signature does not imply agreement with the evaluation. (The information submitted
and any responses will be
placed into the individual’s personnel file.)
Faculty Member: Date:
Observer: Date:
Supervisor: Date:
Dean: Date:
Additional Comments: