has received and is processing your application for financing. For one of the following reasons, your
financing will not be provided by South Jersey Gas:
My/our utility provider is not nor will it be South Jersey Gas.
My/our utility provider is or will be South Jersey Gas but my/our Total Energy Savings (TES) will
e less than 20% as a result of the improvements I am making.
However, financing is available to you through the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy Home
Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program. So that we may continue to process your application, please
sign below acknowledging the following:
I/We understand that EFS and WECC have conducted a credit investigation (authorized by my/our
completion of the credit application) based on the information voluntarily provided by me/us. If
necessary, I/we further agree to provide additional information to EFS, WECC, or lender of choice, to
underwrite my/our loan request. Additionally, if this application is approved and the loan I/we have
requested is made, I/we also authorize WECC/EFS to share: my/our electric and/or gas billing account
number; the charges payable by me/us under the promissory note that I/we will sign; and other non-
public information that I/we provided.
Dated this _______ day of ____________________________________ , 20_____
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