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Transfer Request: High School (Winter 2021)
This form is only for transfer requests for winter 2021. For requests related to the 2021-22 school year, a new
form is in development. Please refer to page 2 before completing form.
To be completed by Student and Parent/Legal Guardian & Signed by Principal/Assistant Principal of Designated school.
Student Name: (Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial) CBE Student ID #: Date of Birth: (YYYY/MM/DD)
Student Address: (with Postal Code) Special Education Coding:
Yes No
Current School: Current Grade: Designated School:
Requested School: Requested Grade:
Parent/Legal Guardian Name: Address (if different from student):
Home Phone: Business Phone: Cell Phone: Email Address:
Subjects Desired at Requested School:
Reason for Transfer Request:
Academic Program - specify:
Other specify:
I, as a Parent/Guardian acknowledge that:
a) this request is required for a transfer to be considered and,
b) this request will not necessarily result in the student’s transfer to the requested school an
c) t
he request will be considered with regard to enrolment priorities set out under the School Act and the policies of
the Calgary Board of Education.
Note: If the student is an “independent student” as defined in the School Act, the student’s residency will be considered.
Signature of Parent/Guardian:
This Transfer Request was discussed with the Principal/ Assistant Principal of the Designated school on:
Signature of Principal/ Assistant Principal of Designated school
Authorization for Collection of Personal Information
Personal information contained on this form is collected under the Student Record Regulation of the School Act, and section 33(c) of the Freedom
of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information will be used for the purpose of student registration. If you have any questions
regarding the collection of this information, contact the school Principal.
To be completed by Requested school.
Approved Denied
Signature of Principal/Assistant Principal of Requested School: Date: (YYYY/MM/DD)
Transfer Request Instructions
January 21, 2021 Page 2 | 2
This form is only for transfer requests for winter 2021. For requests related to the
2021-22 school year, a new form is in development.
1 | Read Additional Information.
2 | Students and Parents/Legal Guardian must fill out Page 1 of the Transfer form.
3 | Schedule a meeting with Designated school Principal/Assistant Principal.
4 | Signature of the Principal/Assistant Principal of the Designated school must be
obtained on the request form before proceeding to the next step below.
Signature indicates awareness of request.
5 | Schedule a meeting with Requested school. Make sure to take the completed
Transfer Request to meeting.
6 | Once a decision is made, the Principal/Assistant Principal of the Requested school
will complete this form and send it to the Designated school.
Additional Information
Transfer requests will be approved only if access to an academic program* not
offered at the designated school (including space and resources) is available
in the requested school/ grade.
Transfer requests will not be granted on Athletics Programs.
Continued registration may be limited to the program entered.
Registration of out-of-attendance area students will be reviewed on
an annual basis.
Signature of Principal/ Assistant Principal of designated school indicates they are
aware of this transfer request and it has been discussed with the parents.
A copy is retained by the designated school.
The original is delivered to the requested school.
Decisions regarding acceptance of out-of-attendance area students will be based on
the following:
o Academic programming* not available at designated school.
Generally, the following will only be considered in exceptional circumstances should
space and resources be available:
o Peer group support;
o Transportation; or
o Siblings who wish to remain together.
Transfer requests received by March 15, regarding next school year, will be
processed prior to May 1 of the current school year.
Requests received after March 15, regarding next school year, may not be
considered until after the first full week of school of the next school year.
Should requests for transfers received by March 15 exceed available space and
resources, the regular program lottery process would be utilized.
*Academic program means: a series of courses which culminate in credit or
credentialing at the 30 level.
Questions |
Please contact your
designated school for further
information and assistance.