Landlord/Tenant Confirmation of Financial Aid Status
Financial Aid is disbursed to student accounts after the add/drop period of each semester. Our Office understands that this
may hinder your ability to make an on-time payment. For this reason the Office of Financial Aid has a landlord/tenant
form in place, which allows our office to provide your refund amount from your financial aid to your landlord/tenant with
an estimated timeframe of arrival.
Last Name First Name M.I. Student ID Number (begins with 1 or 3)
The above student is a registered student at the University of Baltimore for the upcoming semester. A student must
provide this form to their landlord/tenant each semester. (Please select only one term):
Summer 2020
Fall 2020
Spring 2021
Summer 2021
The student has applied for and been awarded financial aid. They meet all eligibility requirements and have completed all
steps needed to receive financial aid for the above semester.
Financial Aid at the University of Baltimore is disbursed to students at the beginning of each semester. After their tuition
and fee charges are paid the remaining amount will be returned to the student in the form of a check, sent from
Annapolis. The check will be sent to the address listed as local address on MyUB (student portal).
Please check that you have confirmed your address on your student portal prior to submitting:
Yes, I have confirmed through my UB student portal that my address is correct.
The above student’s refund check for the upcoming semester is expected to be approximately $
(expected refund amount) and is expected to be received by the student within 10 business days of
(expected date of refund request). These funds will be available for the student to use for any education related expense,
including housing.
Financial Aid Office Signature
Financial Aid Officer Name: (Please Print) Date
Office of Financial Aid1420 N. Charles St.Baltimore, MD 21201p: 410.837.4763 f: