This form should be accompanied by either Form AP1 or Form DS2
Any parts of the form that are not typed should be completed in black ink and in block capitals.
If you need more room than is provided for in a panel, and your software allows, you can expand any panel in the
form. Alternatively use continuation sheet CS and attach it to this form.
For information on how HM Land Registry processes your personal information, see our Personal Information
Title number(s) of the property:
Insert address including postcode (if
any) or other description of the
property, for example ‘land adjoining
2 Acacia Avenue’.
Include register entry number, if more
than one charge of same date to
same lender.
Date of charge:
Complete as appropriate where the
lender is a company.
For UK incorporated companies/LLPs
Registered number of company or limited liability partnership
including any prefix:
For overseas companies
(a) Territory of incorporation:
(b) Registered number in the United Kingdom including any prefix:
The lender acknowledges that the property identified in panel 2 is
no longer charged as security for the payment of sums due under
the charge
Date of Land Registry facility letter (if any):
The lender must execute this as a
deed using the space opposite. If
there is more than one lender, all
must execute. Forms of execution are
given in Schedule 9 to the Land
Registration Rules 2003.
Alternatively the lender may sign in
accordance with the facility letter
referred to in panel 7.
© Crown copyright (ref: LR/HO) 05/18