New Braunfels ISD
Community Complaint
Level Three Appeal Notice
Exhibit E
To appeal a Level Two decision, or the lack of a timely response after a Level Two conference, please fill out this
form completely and submit it by hand delivery, fax, or U.S. mail to the Superintendent or designee within the time
established in GF (LOCAL). Appeals will be heard in accordance with GF (LEGAL) and (LOCAL) or any
exceptions outlined therein.
3. If you will be represented in voicing your appeal, please identify the person representing you.
Telephone number ( )
5. To whom did you present your complaint at Level Two?
Date of conference
Date you received a response to the Level Two conference
6. Please explain specifically how you disagree with the outcome at Level Two.
7. Do you want the Board to hear this appeal in open session?
Please be aware that the Texas Open Meetings Act may prevent the Board from granting a
request for open session.
8. Attach a copy of your original complaint and any documentation submitted at Level One and a
coy of your Level Two appeal notice.
9. Attach a copy of the Level Two response being appealed, if applicable.
Date of filing
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